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  Title Year Country Author Publisher
.tiff v3.2 1995 Canada tiff.supercommunication.unlimited
10 Years Interactive Institute 98-08 2008 Sweden Sara Backlund, Johan Redström, Carina Ruotsalainen, Christina Öhman Sara Backlund, Johan Redström
10. Stuttgarter Filmwinter 9.-12. Januar 1997 1997 Germany
1st decade 1998 Austria Station Rose Edition Selene
24 hours in cyberspace 1996 USA Rick Smolan; Jennifer Erwitt Que Macmillan USA
4x4 Generative Design (with Auto-Illustrator, Java, DBN, Lingo): Life/Oblivion 2002 UK Adrian Ward & Golan Levin & Lia & Meta friendsofED
@ Is For Activism: Dissent, Resistance And Rebellion In A Digital Culture 2011 UK Joss Hands Pluto Press
A Hacker Manifesto 2004 USA McKenzie Wark Harvard University Press
A Little-Known Story about a Movement, a Magazine, and the Computer's Arrival in Art: New Tendencies and Bit International, 1961--1973 2011 USA Margit Rosen The MIT Press
A Neoist Research Project 2010 UK N O Cantsin OpenMute
A Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites 2010 USA Zizi Papacharissi Routledge
A Philosophy of Computer Art 2009 UK Dominic Lopes Routledge
A Thousand Machines: A Concise Philosophy of the Machine as Social Movement 2010 USA Gerald Raunig Semiotext(e)
Abstract Hacktivism: The making of a hacker culture 2006 UK Otto von Busch & Karl Palmås OpenMute
Abstraction Now 2004 Austria Abstraction Now Camera Austria
Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace 2010 USA Ronald Deibert & John Palfrey & Rafal Rohozinski & Jonathan L. Zittrain The MIT Press
Accountability Technologies: Tools for Asking Hard Questions 2013 Austria Dietmar Offenhuber, Katja Schechtner Ambra
Acoustic Space: Media Architecture 2003 Latvia The center for new media culture RIXC
Aesthetic Computing 2008 USA Paul A. Fishwick The MIT Press
Ai Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009 2011 USA The MIT Press
Alien Intelligence 2000 Finland Kiasma
All the Rave: The Rise and Fall of Shawn Fannings Napster 2003 USA Joseph Menn Crown Publishers
Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture 2006 USA Lisa Gitelman The MIT Press
Amaranth Borsuk & Brad Bouse: Between Page and Screen 2012 USA Amaranth Borsuk, Brad Bouse Siglio
An Aesthesia of Networks: Conjunctive Experience in Art and Technology 2013 USA Anna Munster The Mit Press
Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer 2004 Trevor Pinch & Frank Trocco Harvard University Press
And Then There's This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture 2009 USA Bill Wasik Penguin (Non-Classics)
Animal Spirits: A Bestiary of the Commons 2009 The Netherlands Matteo Pasquinelli NAi Publishers
Anti-Media: Ephemera on Speculative Arts 2013 The Netherlands Florian Cramer nai010 publishers
Antoni Muntadas: Protokolle 2007 Spain Hans Dieter Huber, Antoni Muntadas, Hans Christ, Iris Dressler Walther König, Köln
Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple Computer 1998 USA Gordon Thygeson Pomo Pub
Archaeology of the Digital 2013 Germany Greg Lynn Sternberg Press
Architects of the Web: 1,000 Days that Built the Future of Business None Robert H. Reid
Ars Electronica 1979-2009: The First 30 Years 2010 Germany Gerfried Stocker & Hannes Leopoldseder & Christine Schopf Hatje Cantz
Ars Electronica 2003: Code:The Language of our Time 2003 Germany Peter Bentley & Christine Schöpf & Gerfried Stocker Hatje Cantz Publishers
Ars Electronica 2004: Time shift: The World in Twenty-Five Years 2004 Germany Christine Schöpf & Gerfried Stocker Hatje Cantz Publishers
Ars Electronica 2006: Simplicity: The Art of Complexity 2006 Germany Gerfried Stocker Hatje Cantz Publishers
Ars Electronica 2007: Goodbye Privacy-Welcome to the Brave New World 2007 Germany Gerfried Stocker & Christine Schopf Hatje Cantz
Ars Electronica 2008: A New Cultural Economy 2008 Germany Gerfried Stocker & Christine Schopf Hatje Cantz
Ars Electronica 2010: Repair 2011 Germany Gerfried Stocker & Christine Schöpf Hatje Cantz
Ars Electronica 2012: The Big Picture 2012 Austria Hannes Leopoldseder Hatje Cantz
Ars Electronica 91 1991 Austria Landesverlag Linz
Ars Electronica: Facing the Future: A Survey of Two Decades 2001 USA Timothy Druckrey The MIT Press
Art and Electronic Media 2009 UK Edward A. Shanken Phaidon Press
Art and Innovation: The Xerox PARC Artist-in-Residence Program 1999 USA Craig Harris The MIT Press
Art at the Turn of the Millennium 2000 Germany Burkhard Riemscneider & Uta Grosenick Benedikt Taschen Verlag
Art in the Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art 2009 Austria Ingeborg Reichle Springer Vienna Architecture
Art meets Media: adventures in perception 2005 Japan NTT Publishing Co., Ltd.
Art of Immersive Soundscapes 2013 Canada Pauline Minevich, Ellen Waterman University of Regina Press
Art&D: Research and Development in the New Art Practice 2005 The Netherlands Joke Brouwer & Arjen Mulder & Anne Nigten NAi Publishers/V2-Organization