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Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art

edited by Tanya Ravn Ag
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Foreword vii
Tanya Toft Ag
Introduction 1
Tanya Toft Ag
Part 1 17
Directory 19
Artist Testimonials 31
 On Being an Artist with the Digital 33
 On Digital Tools, Methods and Research Processes 40
 On Materiality and Behaviour in Digital Art 52
 On Art Between Forms and Fields 59
 On Perception and Art’s Experience 65
 On Nordic Aesthetic Conditions and Identification 70
 On Participatory Practices and Collaboration 83
 On Art and Society 88
 On (Alternative, Urban and Public) Spaces for Digital Art 94
 On Art and Representation 99
 On Art, Nature and Environment 107
Part 2 113
Dynamic Seclusion: Nordic Noir and Digital Culture 115
Jonatan Habib Engqvist
Concretism and Danish Digital Art: New Political Dialogues from 127
an Avant-Garde Perspective
Jens Tang Kristensen
The Art of Instituting 145
Jamie Allen and Bernhard Garnicnig
00_09484_FM_pi-ix.indd 5 1/18/19 10:23 AM
Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art
Representation, Complexity and Control: Three Aspects of 161
Technology-Based Sonic Art
Jøran Rudi
Uneasy Listening: Perspectives on (Nordic) Sound Art after the Digital 179
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Reformulations of the ‘Natural’ World: Jana Winderen’s 197
Sound Installation The Wanderer
Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen
The Intertwining of the Digital and the Biological in Artistic Practice 209
Laura Beloff
In Between Worlds 229
Björn Norberg
Virtual Worldmaking: Cultivating Digital Art Practice 243
Elizabeth Jochum and Mads Deibjerg Lind
Computational Diffusion and Art’s Radical Rematerialization 259
Tanya Toft Ag
Critical Thoroughness: The Dynamics of the Artist as User and Producer 275
of Digital Elements
Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen
Interactivity Dynamics 287
Lorella Scacco
Where the Inaction Is: The Politics of Digital Things and the Significance 301
of the Lab… In the Practices of Laura Beloff, Kollision and Mogens Jacobsen
Morten Søndergaard
Visions and Divides in Icelandic Contemporary Art 315
Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir
Digital Dragons of the North: On Digital Dynamics and New Nature 331
in Nordic Aesthetics
Stahl Stenslie
Conclusion: Horizons for Nordic Contemporary (Digital) Art 349
Tanya Toft Ag
Notes on Authors 363
Index 369