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Debates in the Digital Humanities

edited by Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein
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University of Minnesota Press
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A DH Matters | Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein  ix

Part I. 
Possibilities and Constraints
   1. Gender and Cultural Analytics: Finding or 
      Making Stereotypes? | Laura Mandell   3
   2. Toward a Critical Black Digital Humanities | Safiya Umoja Noble   27
   3 Can Video Games Be Humanities Scholarship? | James Coltrain 
      and Stephen Ramsay   36
   4. “They Also Serve”: What DH Might Learn about Controversy 
      and Service from Disciplinary Analogies | Claire Warwick   46
   5. No Signal without Symbol: Decoding 
      the Digital Humanities | David M. Berry, M. Beatrice Fazi, Ben Roberts, 
      and Alban Webb    61
   6. Digital Humanities and the Great Project: Why We Should 
      Operationalize Everything—and Study Those Who Are 
      Doing So Now | R. C. Alvarado   75
   7. Data First: Remodeling the Digital Humanities 
      Center | Neil Fraistat   83
   8. The DH Bubble: Startup Logic, Sustainability, and 
      Performativity | David S. Roh   86
   9. The Scandal of Digital Humanities | Brian Greenspan   92
   10. Digital Humanities as a Semi-Normal Thing | Ted Underwood   96
Part II. 
Theories and Approaches
   11. Sample | Signal | Strobe: Haunting, Social Media, and 
      Black Digitality | Marisa Parham   101
   12. Unremembering the Forgotten | Tim Sherratt   123
   13. Reading for Enactment: A Performative Approach to 
      Digital Scholarship and Data Visualization | Kyle Parry   141
   14. The Care of Enchanted Things | Kari Kraus   161
   Blog Posts and Short Essays
   15. Zonas de Contacto: A Digital Humanities Ecology of 
      Knowledges | Élika Ortega   179
   16. The Digital Humanities and “Critical Theory”: An Institutional 
      Cautionary Tale | John Hunter   188
   17. The Elusive Digital / Critical Synthesis | Seth Long and 
      James Baker   195
   18. The Archive after Theory | Megan Ward with Adrian S. Wisnicki   200

Part III. 
Methods and Practices

   19. Teaching Quantitative Methods: What Makes It Hard 
      (in Literary Studies) | Andrew Goldstone   209
   20. Videographic Criticism as a Digital Humanities 
      Method | Jason Mittell   224
   21. Spaces of Meaning: Conceptual History, Vector Semantics, 
   and Close Reading | Michael Gavin, Collin Jennings, 
   Lauren Kersey, and Brad Pasanek   243
   22. Paid to Do but Not to Think: Reevaluating the Role of Graduate 
      Student Collaborators | Rachel Mann   268
   23. Against Cleaning | Katie Rawson and Trevor Muñoz   279
   24. New Data? The Role of Statistics in DH | Taylor Arnold and 
   Lauren Tilton   293
   25. Making Time: Workflow and Learning Outcomes in DH 
   Assignments | David “Jack” Norton   300
   26. Not Just Guns but Bullets, Too: “Deconstructive” and “Constructive” 
   Making within the Digital Humanities | Matt Ratto   307
Part IV. Disciplines and Institutions
   27. A Conversation on Digital Art History | Johanna Drucker and 
      Claire Bishop   321
   28. Volumetric Cinema | Kevin L. Ferguson   335
   29. Joyce and the Graveyard of Digital Empires | Elyse Graham   350
   30. Educational Technology and the Humanities: A History of 
      Control | Curtis Fletcher   369
      Blog Posts and Short Essays
   31. A Braided Narrative for Digital History | Lincoln Mullen 382
   32. Are Para-Academic Career Paths about People or Places? 
      Reflections on Infrastructure as the European 
      Alt-ac | Jennifer Edmond   389
   33. The Making of the Digital Working Class: Social History, 
   Digital Humanities, and Its Sources | Andrew Gomez   399
   34. Mixed Methodological Digital Humanities | 
      Moacir P. de Sá Pereira   405
   35. From Humanities to Scholarship: Librarians, Labor, and 
      the Digital | Bobby L. Smiley   413

Part V. Forum: Ethics, Theories, and Practices of Care
   36. Forum Introduction | Lauren F. Klein and Matthew K. Gold   423
   37. Capacity through Care | Bethany Nowviskie   424
   38. Material Care | Steven J. Jackson   427
   39. Caring Archives of Subalternity? | Radhika Gajjala   431
   40. A Pedagogical Search for Home and Care | 
      Marta Effinger-Crichlow   434
   41. DH Adjuncts: Social Justice and Care | Kathi Inman Berens   437
   42. Self-Care Is Crunk | The Crunk Feminist Collective   442
   43. The Black Box and Speculative Care | Mark Sample   445
   44. A Care Worthy of Its Time | Jussi Parikka   449

Acknowledgments   453
Contributors   455