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Diagrams of Power: Visualizing, Mapping, and Performing Resistance

(edited by) Patricio Dávila
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The Netherland
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4   Visualizing, mapping, and 
     performing resistance
     Patricio Dávila 
10  Dialogues One : Intersections in 
     indigenous mapping, feminist visualization, 
     and community-building 
     Catherine D'Ignazio, Eliana Macdonald, 
     Lize Mogel, Margaret Pearce 
30  Coming home 
     Margaret Pearce 
40  O'say can you see 
     Laura Poitras 
46  From far away and up close: 
     visualization and documentary modes 
     Laura Poitras and Josh Begley 
     with Patricio Dávila
58  Best of luck with the wall 
     Josh Begley 
66 The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project 
74  How the dictatorship of the 
     parties can be overcome 
     Joseph Beuys 
78  La voix autoritaire (voir totalitaire) 
     d'une système invisible/The authoritative 
     voice (totalitarian view) of an invisible system 
     Bureau d'Études & Philippe Rekacewicz 
90  Astropolitique 
     Bureau d'Études 
96   Cartes en colère/Angry maps 
     Philippe Rekacewicz 
110 Performing infrastructure 
     Lize Mogel 
118 The Medellíin Diagram 
     Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman 
132 The Georgia negro: a social study 
     W.E.B. DuBois 
144 ¿Quiénes lo producen? ¿En qué contexto? 
     ¿Para qué/ ¿Qué oculta?/Who produces it? 
     In what context? For what? What does it hide? 
     Iconoclasistas, Patricio Dávila 
154 ¿A quién pertenece la tierra?/
     Who owns the land? 
162 Minneapolis and Saint Paul 
     are East African cities 
     Julie Mehretu + entropy8zuper! 
168 Algorithms, apparitions and translations 
     Julie Mehretu 
180 Ogimaa Mikana Community newsletter 
     Ogimaa Mikana 
188 An atlas of radical cartography (Revisited) 
     Alexis Bhagat and Lize Mogel 
204 El caso de Ayotzinapa/The Ayotzinapa case 
     Forensic Architecture 
214 Building a forum: the Ayotzinapa case
     Stefan Laxness with Peter Hall 
226 Mapping a slave revolt 
     Vincent Brown 
246 Retrospective of a crisis 
     Department of Unusual Certainties 
254 Queering the map  
     Lucas LaRochelle 
262 The city is not a laboratory - 
     Property Praxis in the Urban Praxis Workshop 
     Joshua Akers 
270 Islam, republic, neoliberalism 
     Burak Arikan 
276 Visualizing Palestine 
     Visualizing Impact 
286 Dialogues two : Urban space, data, 
     and supporting community resistance 
     Sheila Sampath Terra Graziani, 
     Josh Akers, Alex Hill.
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