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Art Hack Practice: Critical Intersections of Art, Innovation and the Maker Movement

(edited by) Victoria Bradbury, Suzy O’Hara
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Beryl Graham

+ Context 0:


Victoria Bradbury and Suzy O’Hara

+ Context I: Histories and Futures

Chapter 1- Abigail Susik - "Art History Hacked: Art Hack Practice as an Intra-garde"

Chapter 2- Mugendi K. M'Rithaa - "The Afrikan Maker: Hacking Our Way into a Hybrid Future…"

Chapter 3- Serena Cangiano, Davide Fornari, Azalea Seratoni - "Reprogrammed Art, a Bridge between the History of Interactive Art and Maker Culture"

Chapter 4- Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett - "DIWO to DAOWO: Rehashing Proprietorial Dominance of Art Practice"

+ Context II: Labs and Fab Labs

Chapter 5- Clare Reddington - "Pervasive Media Studio: Propagating Practice"

Chapter 6- Olga Mink - "Elaborating on Labs: Reflections on the Blurring Boundaries between Arts, Science, Technology and Society."

Chapter 7- Alexia Mellor - "Participating in the Viscous Porosity of Makerspaces and Fab Labs: A Participatory Art Perspective"

+ Context III: Engaged Communities

Chapter 8- Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde - "Iyapo Repository: Constructing and Archiving Alternate Futures"

Chapter 9- Jasmin Theresa Grimm and Sally Abu Bakr - "Future Heritage: A Community-Based Exchange between Berlin and Ramallah" المستقبل تراث

Chapter 10- Suzy O’Hara – "Little Inventors: From Artistic Method to Global Brand"

+ Context IV: Hack Events, Residencies and Workshops

Chapter 11- Ellen Pearlman - "Cyborg Arts Co-Lab: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Enriched Through Art-A-Hack™ Practices"

Chapter 12- Victoria Bradbury and Suzy O’Hara - "Delivering Hack Events within the Arts"

Chapter 13- Victoria Bradbury - "Where Do We Work? Things We Chat about While Sorting SIM-Cards: A Conversation with Constant Dullaart"

Chapter 14- Olof Mathé - "Art Hack Day"

+ Context V: Museums, Galleries, Festivals and Programs

Chapter 15- Nora O’Murchú - "Critical Making as a Model for Curating or Making Exhibitions as Things to Think With"

Chapter 16- Yidi Tsao - "WIKITOPIA Hong Kong: Curating a Collaborative Urban Future "

Chapter 17- Julie Freeman and Hannah Redler Hawes - "The Evolution of the ODI Data as Culture Art Programme"

Chapter 18- Tania Aedo - "Tracking Hack-Style Interdisciplinary Processes at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City"

Chapter 19- Irini Papadimitriou - "The Making of Digital Futures"