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Artists-in-Labs Networking in the Margins

Jill Scott
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5  Foreword | Sigrid Schade
8  Introduction: Networking is Both an Art and a Science!
   Jill Scott
12 Formative Encounters: Laboratory Life and Artistic Practice
   Andrea Glauser
23 On the Nature of Interactions | Lloyd Anderson
34 Bacteria, Robots and Networks | Dominik Landwehr
43 Artists-Who-Care! Shared Perspectives on Social and Ethical 
   Responsibility | Jill Scott
60 Art at the End of Tunnel Vision: A Syncretic Surmise | Roy Ascott
68 Art and Science Research Teams? Some Arguments in Favour 
   of a Culture of Dissent | Nina Zschocke

Case Studies
84 Think Art — Act Science: Meeting on an Equal Level
   Irène Hediger
91 National Public Suport of Trans-Disciplinary Projects
   Aurelia Müller (Federal Office of Culture)
96 Institute of Integrative Biology (IBZ) ETH Zurich
98 Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG) University of 
100 WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape 
   Research, Bellinzona
102 EAWAG: The Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and 
   Technology, Dubendorf
105 The Brain Mind Institute (BMI) | EPFL, Lausanne
108 The Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCI Lab) Institute 
   of Psychology | University of Basel
110 The Physics Department at the University of Geneva | CERN
113 Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen
115 CSEM Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology,
118 Native Systems Group | Computer Systems Institute 
   ETH Zurich
120 Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi Sull’Intelligenza Artificiale 
   (IDSIA) | USI-SUPSI, Manno-Lugano
122 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory | University of Zurich

Life Sciences
126 Hina Strüver & Mätti Wüthrich
132 Sylvia Hostettler
138 Claudia Tolusso
144 Ping Qiu

Cognition & Physics

150 Luca Forcucci
156 Monika Codourey
162 Christian Gonzenbach
168 Roman Keller

Computing & Engineering
174 Pe Lang
180 Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan
186 Alina Mnatsakanian
192 Pablo Ventura

DVD and Analyses
200 Biographies of writers and artists
208 Cinema Sociology | Marille Hahne
DVD | 12 documentaries about the artists-in-lans projects