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Machine Landscapes: Architectures of the Post Anthropocene

(edited by) Liam Young
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Contents; About the Guest-Editor; Introduction: Neo-Machine Architecture Without People; The Buildings Where We Keep the World; Human Exclusion Zones; An Atlas of the Post-Anthropocene; The Technological Sublime; Further Trace Effects of the Post-Anthropocene; Landscapes Thinking About Landscapes; Boxes Talking to Boxes That Talk to Humans Who Talk to Boxes; IONLPT (Internet Of Natural Language Processing Things); An Agriculture of Statistics; Machine Husbandry: Risk vs Riskiness; Trophic Cascades and the Parable of Pig Organ Cities Learning to Live With (But Not In) Human Exclusion ZonesAutomation Becomes Ambiance; Planetary Protection and its Agencies; Geocinema, Simulation and How They See Us Seeing Through Them; Disclosures; Notes; Invisible Images: Your Pictures Are Looking at You; Shifting Visual Culture; The Role of Abstractions; Relearning How to See; Calibration Camouflage: Hyphen-Labs and Adam Harvey: Hyper Face; Notes; Territorial Robots: Jenny Odell: Satellite Landscapes; Notes; Where Tomorrow Arrives Today: Infrastructure as Processional Space; Backstage Pass; Space Oddity Auto Schwarzenegger in Damage LandImprisoned in Ritual; Notes; A Place for Everything: Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked; Notes; Human Exclusion Zones: Logistics and New Machine Landscapes; THINGS TO PEOPLE; THE NEW UTILITY; NOTES; Where the Internet Lives; Museum in the Countryside: Aesthetics of the Data Centre; A Benediction for the Amazon Wind Farm Texas: Where the Landscapes of Resource- and Data Extraction Meet; Cleaning Up the Cloud; Even the Wind is Bigger in Texas; The Foreclosed Futures of Infrastructure Computing; Tending Goats and Microprocessors Fringes of Technology and Spaces of Entanglement in the Pearl River DeltaHacker Robot Labs; Battery Factories; E-Commerce Villages; Supply Chain Infrastructures; Ecology and Technology; Entangled Landscapes of the Post-Human; Notes; Regarding the Pain of SpotMini: Or What a Robot's Struggle to Learn Reveals about the Built Environment; INTRODUCING SPOTMINI; SYNTHETICALLY RECONSTRUCTING THE BOSTON DYNAMICS TEST HOUSE; TESTING ROBUSTNESS; GLITCHING STANDARDS; NOTES; No One's Driving: Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape Cities, But is Anyone Taking Control of How? Autonomous Safety: Too Early to TellWhere Does the Buck Stop?; A Nation of Truck Drivers; Notes; Disciplinary Hybrids: Retail Landscapes of the Post-Human City; Machine Landscapes of the Everyday; The Machine as Disciplinary Agent; New Typologies; Notes; Ghosts in the Machine: Space Junk and the Future of Earth Orbit; Landscape Beyond Land; Megascale Satellite Structures; Ashes to Ashes, Junk to Junky; Notes; 'I'm a Cloud of Infinitesimal Data Computation' When Machines Talk Back: An interview with Deborah Harrison, one of the personality designers of Microsoft's Cortana AI