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Guerrilla Networks: An Anarchaeology of 1970s Radical Media Ecologies

Michael Goddard
Publisher / Label
Amsterdam University Press
The Netherland
Publication year
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Table of Contents

List of Illustration   7

Acknowledgements   9

Introduction   11

1. Media (An)archaeology, Ecologies, and Minor Knowledges   15
   Introduction: The Long 1970s   15
   Concepts of Media Archaeology, Anarcheology and Media Ecolo-
   Radical and Guerrilla Media   22
   Popular Cultures, Minor Subjugated Knowledges and Expressive 
   Machines   33

2. Armed Guerrilla Media Ecologies from Latin America to Europe   51
   Introduction: Contra 'Mass Mediated Terrorism'   51
   Revolution in the Revolution: The Urban Guerrilla Concept from 
   Latin America to Europe and North America   55
   Brigate Rosse and Armed Struggle in Italy   72
   The 'Baader Meinhof Complex' and the June 2nd Movement   87
   Weather Variations: Weatherman, the Weather Underground, 
   and the Symbionese Liberation Army   106

3. Autonomy Movements, the Nexus of 1977, and Free Radio   137
   Introduction: Radical Politics, Bifurcations, and the Event   137
   Italian Workerism and Autonomia   142
   1977 as Nexus: The Movement of 1977, Creative Autonomia, and  
   Punk   160
   Rebellious Radio from Marconi to Free Radios   174
   Media beyond 'Socialist Strategy': Enzensberger, Baudrillard, and 
   the Genealogy of Radio Alice   178
   The Media Ecology of Radio Alice   183

4. Militant Anti-Cinemas, Minor Cinemas and the Anarchive Film   193
   Introduction: Destroying the (Cinema) Apparatus, Transforming 
   the (Audiovisual) Machine   193
   Militant Anti-Cinemas in the 1970s   199
   Minor Anti-Cinemas: Anti Psychiatric, Heretical, Feminist, and 
   Postcolonial    223
   The Counter-Public Sphere, Anarchival Film, and Documentary 
   Symptomatologies   241

5. Ecologies of Radical and Guerrilla Television   263 
   Introduction: Cinema/Television/Video or Cain vs. Abel Revisited   263 
   Sonimage, Fassbinder, and Radical Auteur Television   268 
   Ecologies of Guerrilla Television: Ant Farm, Raindance Corpora-
   tion, TVTV, and Radical Software   298

Conclusion: Terms of Cybernetic Warfare   321

Endnotes   329

Bibliography   339

Key Film, Television, and Video Cited   351

Index   353