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Digital Sound Studies

(edited by) Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, Whitney Trettien
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Duke University Press
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vii Preface  
xi Acknowledgements  

I   Introduction 
    Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, and Whitney Trettien  

    I. Theories and Genealogies

29  1. Ethnodigital Sonics and the Historical Imagination
    Richard Cullen Rath  

47  2. Performing Zora: Critical Ethnography, Digital Sound, 
    and Not Forgetting
    Myron M. Beasley 

64  3. Rhetorical Folkness: Reanimating Walter J. Ong 
    in the Pursuit of Digital Humanity
    Jonathan W. Stone

    II. Digital Communities

83  4. The Pleasure (Is) Principle: Sounding Out! 
    and the Digitizing of Community
    Aaron Trammell, Jennifer Lynn Stover, and Liana Silva

120 5. Becoming OutKasted: Archiving Contemporary 
    Black Southernness in a Digtal Age
    Regina N. Bradley

130 6. Reprogramming Sounds of Learning: Pedagogical 
    Experiments with Critical Making and 
    Community-Based Ethnography
    W. F. Umi Hsu  130

    III. Disciplinary Translations

155 7. Word. Spoken. Articulating the Voice for High-Performance 
    Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship (HiPSTAS)
    Tanya E. Clement 

178 8. "A Foreign Sound to Your Ear": Digital Image Sonification 
    for Historical Interpretation
    Michael J. Kramer 

215 9. Augmenting Musical Arguments: Interdisciplinary 
    Publishing Platforms and Augmented Notes
    Joanna Swafford

    IV. Points Forward

231 10. Digital Approaches to Historical Acoustemologies: 
    Replication and Reenactment
    Rebecca Dowd Geoffroy-Schwinden

250 11. Sound Practices for Digital Humanities
    Steph Ceraso 

267 Afterword. Demands of Duration: The Futures 
    of Digital Sound Scholarship
    Jonathan Sterne, with Mary Caton Lingold, 
    Darren Mueller, and Whitney Trettien 

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