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Technology and Desire: The Transgressive Art of Moving Images

edited by Rania Gaafar, Martin Schulz
Publisher / Label
Intellect Ltd
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements   ix
Introduction   1
Post-medial Technologies of Desire: Performances of Images
Rania Gaafar and Martin Schulz
Prelude   23
Much Trouble in the Transportation of Souls, or the Sudden Disorganization   
of Boundaries
Anselm Franke
Part I: Post-Medial Image Cultures and New Media Philosophies   75
Chapter 1: Technical Repetition and Digital Art, or Why the ‘Digital’ 
        in Digital Cinema is not the ‘Digital’ in Digital Technics   77
Mark B. N. Hansen
Chapter 2: Arrest and Movement   103
Timothy Druckrey
Chapter 3 The Aesthetics of Flow and the Aesthetics of Catharsis   121
Jay David Bolter
Chapter 4 Digital Images and Computer Simulations   137
Barbara Flueckiger
Chapter 5 Enfolding-Unfolding Aesthetics, or the Unthought   151
        at the Heart of Wood
Laura U. Marks
Part II: Fugitive Images and Transmediality   163
Chapter 6 Animated and Animating Landscapes: Space Voyages 
        and Time Travel in the Art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder   165
Martin Schulz
Chapter 7 Copernicus and I: Revolutions in Perception   195
        and The Powers of Ten
Janet Harbord
Chapter 8 Cinema Mise en abyme: Contingencies of the Moving Image   209
Ursula Frohne
Chapter 9 Still Life in the Crosshairs, or For an Iconic Turn in Game Studies   229
Thomas Hensel
Chapter 10 Out of Image   249
Yvonne Spielmann
Part III: Post-Cinematic Desires: Geneaologies   267
        of Anthropomorphic Transgressions
Chapter 11 Choreographing the Moving Image: Post-Cinematic Desire 
        and the Politics of Aesthetics   269
Isaac Julien
Chapter 12 Desire, Time and Transition in Anthropological Film-making   283
Ute Holl
Chapter 13 Longing in Film: Emotions in Images   297
Hinderk M. Emrich
Chapter 14 The Fever Curve of the Gaze and the Body as (Image) Medium: 
        Jacques Lacan’s Media Theory of Unconscious Desire   307
Annette Bitsch
Part IV: Material Specters and the Lives of Images   325
Chapter 15 The Sequence Image between Motion and Stillness   327
Jens Schröter
Chapter 16 Gaze and Withdrawal: On the ‘Logic’ of Iconic Structures   341
Dieter Mersch
Chapter 17 The Magical Image in Georges Méliès’s Cinema   357
Lorenz Engell
Chapter 18 Liminal Spaces: Notes by Film-maker and Artist Malcolm Le Grice   371
Malcolm LeGrice
Chapter 19 Transgression: The Ethical Turn and the New Politics – Fatih Akin’s   375
        Cinema and the Multicultural Dilemma
Thomas Elsaesser
20 Radicant Spaces of Enunciation: Visual Art, ‘Phenomenotechnique,’ 
     and ‘Criticality’ – Towards a Postcolonial Media(l) Theory   389
Rania Gaafar
Biographies of Authors   409