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Futurist Cinema, Studies on Italian Avant-garde Film

(edited by) Rossella Catanese
Publisher / Label
Amsterdam University Press
The Netherland
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgements 7
Preface 9
The Poly-expressive Symphony of Futurist Cinema
Rossella Catanese
Section 1 Joyful Deformation Of The Universe
1. Introduction 19
The Poetics of Futurist Cinema
Giovanni Lista
2. Speed and Dynamism 33
Futurism and the Soviet Cinematographic Avant-garde
Paolo Bertetto
3. Futurism and Film Theories 45
Manifesto of Futurist Cinema and Theories in Italy in the 1910-1920s
Valentina Valente
4. Film Aesthetics Without Films 57
Sabine Schrader
5. Marinetti’s Tattilismo Revisited 69
Hand Travels, Tactile Screens, and Touch Cinema in the 21st Century
Wanda Strauven
6. Dance and Futurism in Italian Silent Cinema 89
Elisa Uffreduzzi
7. Futurism and cinema in the 1910s 103
A reinterpretation starting from McLuhan
Antonio Saccoccio
8. The Human in the Fetish of the Human 115
Cuteness in Futurist Cinema, Literature, and Visual Arts
Giancarlo Carpi
Section 2 Daily Filmed Exercises Designed To Free Us
From Logic
9. Yambo on the moon of Verne and Méliès 133
From La colonia lunare to Un matrimonio interplanetario
Denis Lotti
10. An Avant-Garde Heritage 147
Vita futurista
Rossella Catanese
11. Thaïs 163
A Different Challenge to the Stars
Lucia Re
12. Velocità, a Screenplay by F.T. Marinetti 181
From Futurist Simultaneity to Live Streaming Media
Carolina Fernández Castrillo
13. Velocità/Vitesse 195
Filmed Dramas of Objects and ‘avant-garde integrale’
Rossella Catanese
14. From Science to the Marvellous 209
The Illusion of Movement, Between Chronophotography and
Contemporary Cinema
Francesca Veneziano
Section 3 Shop Windows Of Filmed Ideas, Events,
Types, Objects
Chronology 225
Fernando Maramai
Filmography 241
Marcello Seregni
Index 255