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Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications

(edited by) John Danaher, Neil McArthur
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Mit Press
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Acknowledgments vii

I. Introducing robot sex 1

1 Should we be thinking about robot sex? 3
  John Danaher 
2 On the very idea of sex with robots 15
  Mark Migotti and Nicole Wyatt 

II. Defending robot sex 29

3 The case for sexbots 31
  Neil McArthur 
4 Should we campaign against sex robots? 47
  John Danaher, Brian Earp, and Anders Sandberg 
5 Sex robots and the rights of the disabled 73
  Ezio Di Nucci 

III. Challenging robot sex 89

6 Religious perspectives on sex with robots 91
  Noreen Herzfeld 
7 The symbolic-consequences argument in the sex robot debate 103
  John Danaher 
8 Legal and moral implications of child sex robots 133
  Litska Strikwerda 

IV. The robot's perspective 153

9 Is it good for them too? : ethical concern for the sexbots 155
  Steve Petersen 
10 Was it good for you too? : the new natural law theory and the paradoxical 
  good of sexbots 173
  Joshua D. Goldstein 

V. The possibility of robot love 201

11 Automatic sweethearts for transhumanists 203
  Michael Hauskeller 
12 From sex robots to love robots : is mutual love with a robot possible? 219
  Sven Nyholm and Lily Eva Frank 

VI. The future of robot sex 245
13 Intimacy, bonding, and sex robots : examining empirical results and exploring 
  ethical ramifications 247
  Matthias Scheutz and Thomas Arnold 
14 Deus sex machina: loving robot sex workers and the allure of an insincere 
  kiss 261
  Julia Carpenter 
15 Sexbot-induced social change : an economic perspective 28 
  Marina Adshade

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