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Engineering the future - Digital Design Weekend 2016

edited by Irini Papadimitriou, Andrew Prescott, Jon Rogers
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Uniform Communications Ltd
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Can we engineer the future? 6
The philosophical engineer 8
Openness – Privacy 12
Re verse engineering: poems on the turn 22
Healthy networks: the future of IoT is open 30
Located thinking: the future of IoT is local 33
Weapon of choice 36
The Good Home 40
How to build peace: be honest 42
Women who code for social change 45
RE:FORM – Reimagining Education for the
Future of Redistributed Manufacturing 49
#TechnoRhino 54
CAKE, Tellybox and Radiodan 58
The Buddy, the Butler and the Police:
AI personas and the myth of frictionless functionality 60
Interface 64
Machine Wilderness 66
When the plants go digital 70
A YouTube Tutorial from the Future 73
Landscape Within 76
Unlikely engineering innovations 78
BioNet 80
Prosthetic envy 82
Shoreditch, 2012 85
GyroGlove 88
Silk Leaf 90
Divergent thinking and meaningful thinking 94
James Watt – a VR encounter with the engineer 98
Hacking the enlightenment – knowledge exchange through
collaborative automata making 102
The craft of innovation 106
Tanglebots 109
The Great Steampunk Game Jam 112
Continuity, innovation and consumption in the birthplace
of the Industrial Revolution 116
Artists in the technosphere 119
“Let’s talk business” and “Megacorp” – examples of artistic
anti-fraud activism 121
Your unerasable text 126
From the machine room 129
Retro Product – Vacuum Cleaner Instrument 132
Draw:er //16 134
Flashlightinstallation #1 136
The Austrian Cultural Forum London 138
Ingenious and Fearless Companions 139
Considerations on Michaela Davies 142
Theatre of Things 144
British Council UK/Indonesia 148
8-bit Mixtape 150
LiveWire 152
Music-making >= computer programming 154
The V&A Samsung Digital Classroom 156
Scan the World 158
One thing leads to another. When design meets engineering
and other creative processes. 161

donated by  Irini Papadimitriou/V&A