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Augmented Reality Art - From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium

edited by Vladimir Geroimenko
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Part I: Emerging Augmented Reality Technology and the 
       Birth of Augmented Reality Art.

1  Augmented Reality Activism   3

2  Critical Interventions into Canonical Spaces: Augmented 
   Reality at the 2011 Venice and Istanbul Biennials   31

3  Beyond the Virtual Public Square: Ubiquitous Computing 
   and the New Politics of Well-Being   61

4  Augmented Interventions: Redefining Urban 
   Interventions with AR and Open Data   81

Part II: Augmented Reality as a Novel Artistic Medium

5  The Aesthetics of Liminality: Augmentation as an Art Form   99

6  Augmented Reality in Art: Aesthetics and Material for Expression

7  Digital Borders and the Virtual Gallery   139

8  Immersive Art in Augmented Reality   149

9  Skin to Skin: Performing Augmented Reality   161

10 Augmented Reality Painting and Sculpture: From 
    Experimental Artworks to Art for Sale   173

11 Augmented Reality Graffiti and Street Art   189

Part III: Cultural, Social, Spatial and Cognitive Facets 
   of Augmented Reality Art

12 Why We Might Augment Reality: Art’s Role 
   in the Development of Cognition   201

13 Augmenting Wilderness: Points of Interest 
   in Pre-Connected Worlds   215

14 An Emotional Compass: Emotions on Social Networks 
   and a New Experience of Cities   237

15  Augmenting the Archaeological Record with Art:
   The Time Maps Project   255

16 Spatial Narratives in Art   277

17 Shifting Perceptions - Shifting Realities   295

18 Wearable Apocalypses: Enabling Technologies 
   for Aspiring Destroyers of Worlds   305

Concluding Remarks: Today's Vision of an Art Form of the Future   313