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LIGHT + PHOTOMEDIA - A New History and Future of the Photographic Image

Jai McKenzie
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I.B.Tauris Publishers
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List of illustrations	vii

Introduction                                                    1

1   Early image machines: The invention of photography 
    Luminous beginnings                                         9
    Light source: the origin of the image machines             10
    A sociological perspective                                 12
    Light-space-time                                           14
    Image-space                                                22
    Seeing machines                                            24 
    Ever brighter: moving on from the glow of the
    early image machines	                               29

2   Analogue image machines C.1870-C.1990
    Super vision: the analogue era	                       31
    Standing still: the instantaneous capture of light-time    32
    Moving quickly: Photofuturism and light-time	       40
    Cinematic light-time	                               42
    Still and moving light-time	                               44
    Light-space in the analogue era	                       49
    You press the button: forming image-spaces everywhere      50
    Proofs of reality                                          56
    Photomontage                                               60
    Video art                                                  63
    Leap into the void	                                       68

3   Digital image machines c.1990-2013
    Dream machines: technology at the speed of light	       73
    Image-spaces of the digital era: ‘all that we see or seem’ 74
    Light up: the screen space of digital photomedia	       82
    At the speed of light	                               83
    Slow motion: light-time in the digital era	               84 
    Void space: digital photomedia and the loss of
    physical reality	                                       91
    The digital imagc-space: a matter of light-space-time      96

4   Future image machines 2039: two hundred years 
    after the invention of photography
    The future?	                                              105
    The photomedia technology of tomorrow	              109
    The artist of 2039	                                      113
    Connected to nothing	                              115
    In the ‘photographic universe’	                      116
    At the speed of light	                              121
    The future is here	                                      124

Conclusion                                                    127

Notes                                                         135

Bibliography                                                  167
Index                                                         179