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THE RIGHT TO KNOW - Impakt Festival - 2-6 November 2011

Miriam van Ommeren
Publisher / Label
Impakt Festival
The Netherlands
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1 The impakt of the digital public by Mercedes Bunz
    Social Networks are not simply virtual. They also effect
    the real. Mercedes Bunz looks into their political impact.
    The potential of digital public.
    The effect of the real.

3 Data I dig by Miriam Van Ommeren
    Data I dig - Face to Facebook

4 The revolution will/will not be retweeted by Miriam Ommeren
    Cyber Pessimism
    Little effort 

5 Data I dig by Miriam Van Ommeren
   Data I dig - Bonus Card Friends

6 Wikileaks: The eyhics and heritage of transparency by Nicola Bozzi

7 Personal geography in the virtual domain by Martin Van Exel
    Privacy consciousness
    Meta information

8 Health Goes 2.0 by Nicola Bozzi
    I spat!
    Medicine of the future
    Biomedical research going 2.0

9 Data I dig by Miriam Van Ommeren
    Data I dig - Macht geschenke: Das Kapital
    Data I dig - #Democracy

10 The netherlands as population laboratory: who's in? by Martin Boeckhout
    Population laboratory
    Control over bodily material
    The right to not know
    A kind of civic duty
    We all partecipate

11 A public domain by Linda Hilfling
   Riddim is a nomad by Pim Verlaek & Melvin Wevers

12 Zapping through reality by Basje Boer

The pink pages in this paper contai information about the festival programme.

Impakt Festival: The right to Know   page 1
Opening night   page 1
Talks   page 2
Festival Fellow   page 2
Impakt Online   page 3
Impakt Sweatshops & Field Trips   page 4
Exhibition   page 4
Music Programme   page 5
The Right to Know Screenings   page 6
Panorama   page 8
Festival information   page 11