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Place Studies in Art, Media, Science and Technology : Historical Investigations on the Sites and the Migration of Knowledge

edited by Andreas Broeckmann and Gunalan Nadarajan
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7   Introduction

    Andreas Broeckmann and Gunalan Nadarajan

9   Anonymous History as Methodology: The Collaborations of
    Sigfried Giedion, Jaqueline Tyrwhitt, and the Explorations Group 
    Michael Darroch and Janine Marchessault

29  Encoding Motion in the Early Computer: Knowledge Transfers 
    between Studio and Laboratory
    Michael Century

47  The Computation Center at Madrid University, 1966-1973: An
    Example of True Interaction between Art, Science and Technology 
    Eva Moraga

55  The Confluence of Computing and Fine Arts at the University of 
    Sydney, 1968-1975 
    Stephen Jones

75  Humans Thinking Like Machines: Incidental Media Art in the 
    Swedish Welfare State 
    Kristoffer Gansing

87  Corridors of Practice: Technology and Performance Art on the 
    North American Pacific Coast in the 1970s and Early 1980s
    Caroline Seek Langill

103 From Media Art to Techno Culture: Reflections on the Transforma-
    tion of the Avant-gardes
    Ryszard W. Kluszczynski

125 A Turning Point in Japanese Avant-garde Art, 1964-1970
    Machiko Kusahara	

147 You are now leaving the American Sector: The Russian Group
    Dvizbenie, 1961-1978
    Margareta Tillberg 

167 Stepanova’s ‘Laboratories’
    Irina Aristarkhova

183 Vitalise Technocultural Thinking in Revolutionary Russia (on Piotr
    Olga Goriunova

197 The Enduring Ephemeral, or the Future is a Memory
    Wendy Hui Kyong Chun

221 Genetic Algorithms, Caucasian Carpets, and Kunstwollen
    Laura U. Marks

243 Radical Migration: Media Theory as a Subversion of Discourse and
    Nils Röller

255 The National Museum of Beirut: Crossing into a Border
    Catherine Hamel

267 Meaningful Shifts: Towards an Institute for Southern Modernities
    Siegfried Zielinski 

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