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Tying the story to data: The Graffiti Markup Field Recorder Challenge

Evan Roth and Femke Snelting, Peter Westenberg, Michele Walther, Stéphanie Villayphiou, John Haltiwanger and momo3010
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Constant Verlag
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1  Computer Hackers <GML> Graffiti Writers
   Graffiti Markup Language

1  Brussels, July 2010

2  Archive graffiti in ways of code

3  Domain specificity

4  A handshake between communities

4  It is no big deal if you keep one

5  I hope that people play nicely

5  Tying the story to data

6  Influencing communities

7  It takes little to come up with great ideas

8  Graffiti is hard to accept

8  Gesture vs. Graffiti

9  What’s the license on GML?

9  Standards allow collaboration

9  The wish-list

10 Paris, December 2010

11 You end up speaking to people you already work with

11 Is it the money?

12 Getting data from the wall or from the hand

12 Competition and collaboration

14 Calibration

15 Capturing vs. projecting

16 Documentation as an excuse to be taken along

16 Capturing conversation

17 Was using an XML-like structure a bad idea?

18 Hacking the standard

18 How to visualize motion in print

18 Drawing with computers

19 The next challenge

19 That is how my hand moved

20 The Graffiti Markup Field Recorder challenge

26 Paris, November 2011

27 Taking pride in a project with wings

27 It is harder to release a piece than a tool

28 Graffiti culture

28 Hacking the limitations of gesture

29 The burn-factor

29 Social limits of referentiality

30 Feeling comfortable vs. having permission

30 Normalizing

31 Global insurgent subcultures

31 A handshake between communities II

32 It is different where it is coming from

33 Deprecation

34 Chat with momo3010, November 2011