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The Perversity Of Things: Hugo Gernsback On Media, Tinkering, And Scientifiction

edited by Grant Wythoff
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University of Minnesota Press
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Chroological Contents
Thematic Contents
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“up-to-date technic”: Hugo Gernsback’s Pulp Media Theory
“a perfect Babel of voices”: Communities of Inquiry and Wireless Publics
“’phone and code”: Dynamophone, Radioson, and Other Emerging Media
“certain future instrumentalities”: The Mineral Proficiencies of Tinkering
“we exploit the future”: Scientifiction’s Debut

Part I. Tinkering
A New Interrupter (1905)
The Dynamophone (1908)
The Born and the Mechanical Inventor (1911)
The Radioson Detector (1914)
What to Invent (1916)
The Perversity of Things (1916)
Thomas A. Edison Speaks to You (1919)
Human Progress (1922)
Results of the $500.00 Prize Contest: Who Will Save the Radio Amateur? (1923)
The Isolator (1925)
The Detectorium (1926)
New Radio “Things” Wanted (1927)

Part II. History and Theory of Media
The Aerophone Number (1908)
Why “Radio Amateur News” Is Here (1919)
Science and Invention (1920)
Learn and Work While You Sleep (1921)
The “New” Science and Invention (1923)
Are We Intelligent? (1923)

Part III. Broadcast Regulation
The Wireless Joker (1908)
The Wireless Association of America (1909)
The Roberts Wireless Bill (1910)
The Alexander Wireless Bill (1912)
Wireless and the Amateur: A Retrospect (1913)
Sayville (1915)
War and the Radio Amateur (1917)
Silencing America's Wireless (1917)
Amateur Radio Restored (1919)
The Future of Radio (1919)
Wired versus Space Radio (1927)

Part IV. Wireless
[Editorials] (1909)
From The Wireless Telephone (1911)
From A Treatise on Wireless Telegraphy (1913)
The Future of Wireless (1916)
From Radio for All (1922)
Radio Broadcasting (1922)
Is Radio at a Standstill? (1926)
Edison and Radio (1926)
Why the Radio Set Builder? (1927)
Radio Enters into a New Phase (1927)
The Short-Wave Era (1928)

Part V. Television
Television and the Telephot (1909)
A Radio-Controlled Television Plane (1924)
After Television—What? (1927)
Television Technique (1931)

Part VI. Sound
Hearing through Your Teeth (1916)
Grand Opera by Wireless (1919)
The Physiophone: Music for the Deaf (1920)
The “Pianorad” (1926)

Part VII. Scientifiction
Signaling to Mars (1909)
Our Cover (1913)
Phoney Patent Offizz: Bookworm's Nurse (1915)
Imagination versus Facts (1916)
Interplanetarian Wireless (1920)
An American Jules Verne (1920)
10,000 Years Hence (1922)
Predicting Future Inventions (1923)
The Dark Age of Science (1925)
A New Sort of Magazine (1926)
The Lure of Scientifiction (1926)
Fiction versus Facts (1926)
Editorially Speaking (1926)
Imagination and Reality (1926)
How to Write “Science” Stories (1930)
Science Fiction versus Science Faction (1930)
Wonders of the Machine Age (1931)
Reasonableness in Science Fiction (1932)

Part VIII. Selected Fiction
Ralph 124C 41+, Part 3 (1911)
Baron Münchhausen’s New Scientific Adventures, Part 5: “Münchhausen Departs for the Planet Mars” (1915)
The Magnetic Storm (1918)
The Electric Duel (1927)
The Killing Flash (1929)