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The glitch moment(um)

Rosa Menkman
Publisher / Label
Institute of Network Cultures
The Netherlands
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                                                         5

INTRODUCTION                                                                             7

GLITCH STUDIES MANIFESTO                                                                11

A TECHNOLOGICAL APPROACH TO NOISE                                                       12
Linear Progression and the Myth of Perfect Transmission                                 12
Noise Artifacts                                                                         15
Encoding And Decoding: Compression Artifacts                                            15
A Vernacular Of File Formats                                                            17
Orderly Chaos: Feedback Artifacts                                                       26
The Other Noise Artifact: Glitch                                                        26

THE PERCEPTION OF GLITCH                                                                28
The Meaning Of Noise                                                                    28
The Glitch Moment(um): A Void In Techno-Culture-tgj                                     29
Technorealism And the Accident Of Art                                                   31

A PHENOMENOLOGY OF GLITCH ART                                                           33
The Predicaments Of Defining Glitch Art                                                 33
Categorical Precursors: A Binary Approach To Glitch Art?                                35
From Passive Appropriation Or ‘Pure Glitch Art’ To Active, ‘Post-Procedural Glitch Art' 36
Post-procedural Glitch Art Or the Intentional Faux Pas                                  37 .
The Concept And Technique Of Ruin                                                       40
Creating the‘Perfect Glitch’Using Critical Media Aesthetics                             43
The Tipping Point of Cool: Critical Media Aesthetics’ Becoming Commodities              44

FROM ARTIFACT TO COMMODITY                                                              46
From Circuitbending to Simulation                                                       46
From Databending to Transcoding                                                         49
From Enchanting Affect To Filtered Effect                                               53
The Glitch Art Genre: Between the Void And Commoditized Form                            55
The Genre Paradox                                                                       57

ORGANIZING GLITCH SPHERES                                                               59
Glitch Art Networked                                                                    62
Glitch Sphere Relations                                                                 53
Some Final Reflections On The Glitch Spheres                                            64

THE EMANCIPATION OF DISSONANCE GLITCH                                                   65

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                                            67