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Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words

Edited by Frederick Bianchi, V. J. Manzo
Publisher / Label
Oxford University Press
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Foreword by Joel Chadabe	vii
Preface   ix
Acknowledgments   xvii

Introduction by Jonathan Gilmurray	xix

1.  Sonifications of Global Environmental Data	3 
    Andrea Polli

2.  Sewer Pipe Organ	9 
    Philip Blackburn

3.  Biophonic Sound Sculptures in Public Spaces	19 
    Bemie Krause

4.  A Philosophical Report from Work-in-Progress	27 
    David Dunn

5.  Listening to the Earth	35 
    John Bullitt

6.  The Place Where You Go to Listen: An Ecosystem of Sound and Light	43 
    John Luther Adams

7.  Meltwater 
    Cheryl E. Leonard   49

8.  Hearing Curved Space
    Jeff Talman   59

9.  River Listening
    Leah Barclay

10. Sun Boxes   77
    Craig Colorusso

11. Bridge Music and Tower Music   83
    Joseph Bertolozzi

12. Data as Music: Why Musically Encoded Sonification Design 
    Offers a Rich Palette for Information Display   93
    Marty Quinn	,

13. Sonic Landscapes (finding a sense of place with my ears)   103
    Bruce Odland

14. Sonic Migrations: Listening in-between, sensing place   113
    Ximena Alarcôn	

15. Sound Architecture   123

16. The Sonic Ecology of Structures   129
    China Blue

17. Why Bring Nature into Your Music?   137
    David Rothenberg

18. The Dawn Chorus   145
    Gordon Hempton

19. Bivvy Broadcasts	  153
    Dawn Scarfe

20. A Philosophy of Eco-acoustics in the Interdisciplinary Project
    "Fragments of Extinction”   159
    David Monacchi

21. Towards activist Sound: N30 Live at the WTO Protest November 30,1999  169 
    Christopher DeLaurenti

22. The Listening Experience of Paramnesia   177 
    Aki Pasoulas

23. Musical Heuristics in Six Ecoacoustic Quintets   187
    Matthew Burtner

Index   197