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Mute - Issue 17 - Europe Undone

Pauline van Mourik Broekman and Simon Worthington
Publisher / Label
Skycraper Digital Publishing
Publication year
Type of publication
Magazines + CD
Issue number
Vol 1, No. 17
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Disinformation in the UK and Europe.   6
in Letters

Editorial   7

From superhighway to fabulous freeway?   9
If you think the 'free speech is ever more difficult to find online, look again - new protocol
Freenet is pressing hard to deliver the goods. By Hari Kunzru.

RIP human rights   10
JJ King on the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill, another sorry addition to Jack Straw's 
ongoing underachievements in the area of freedom of information.

The death and death of Darko Maver   12
Death-to-copyrightists turn their artistic talents to the macabre
question of copyrighted death. By Ada Veen.

Ol'red square eyes   13
Vaclav Havel said politics is just like theatre. Ivan Zassoursky says Russian politics is not just like
TV, it is TV. That's why he likes smashing them.

Holy mother of Martha   14
From Saint to Sinner in a day. David Mandl has found a page from Martha Lane Fox's diary - oh for
the last minutes of blessed Lastminute.

Russian cybernauts' bumpy ride   15
Oleg Kireev sat in a Pro&Contra, Russia'a recent stormy Internet conference, only to witness a
slide into the past, not the future.

Cyberhype   16
Nowhere are fiction and reality more closely twinned than in the new economy's rules of
engagements. A new Mute column from CCRU.

Who's afraid of the 'F-WORD'?   17
Ever the ultural critics, Austria's Jorg -haider and his Freedom Party have been sharpening their
censorius tools lately. By Eva Grubinger.

Zodiac Genre Warp   18
Stephen Robinson on the twists and turns of the Japanese musical underground.

Geek-o-rama   19
Why settle for more when you can have less? Rhidian Davis on Christoph Kummerer's sonic
symphonies, courtesy of a Gameboy.

That old Cartesian Grid    20
Ignore inhabiting technology in practice, even doing it in theory is difficult. The Centre fo Cultural
Studies' recent conference showed David Panos why.

May do may day!   22
Carnivals against capitalism are sprouting up all over. The May Day 2000 celebrations give food for
thought. By Elleen Condon.


Lines of flight   24

Culture Jamming   30

King of Code   36

Point-and-click biology: why programming is the future of biotech   44

>>>REAR/VIEW<<<   56

>>>SPEED QUEEN Ulrike Kubatt<<<   67