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Mute - Issue 02 - The Chocolate Covered Highway

Pauline van Mourik Broekman and Simon Worthington
Publisher / Label
Skycraper Digital Publishing
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Vol 1, No. 2
Number of pages


   by Diane Eddisford.

   Order in the Chaosmos
   Feudal Anarchy &
   Delusions of Linearity
   by Cooper James

   Doctor, there's a MASS in my
   many-to-many media.
   The Net cannot be controlled, or can it?
   by Mitch Ratcliffe


>Surzootechnics: Randy Cutler explores
the cyborg within surrealism and as artic-
ulated in contemporary art. Page 3

Midnight offices: Corp International
explain the Nissan Micra and other design
classics, by William Shoebridge. Page 4

Angel, Virus. Cyberspace breakdown(s):
First in a two part essay, Suhail Malik's
"Angelotechnology" looks at the lore
of angels from Aquinas to William Gibson.
Page 5

David Lillington on Venetian mannerist-
painting and the new media pavilions of
cyber-art and culture. Page 8

The Transhuman Condition: Lubna
Hammoud's photographs of routine med-
ical procedures show how fully the tech-
nological apparatus has come to be
integrated by the human body. Page 10

The online artificial
breeding ground.
Pauline van Mourk
Broekman. Page 10

Hopeful Monsters: Feminist Foundational
Rodie Higgins. Page 11

$ound Finance: Is the music industry
about to undergo a mind-altering experi-
ence? Online music sales and distribution 
by Eddie Harrison. Page 14

Photo-Nemesis: Gosfrey Worsdale on the
paintings of Alex Veness. Page 18


Access All Areas: TV or hacking?
Page 13

Staying to Play - 2: Simulation Driving
Games by John Paul Bichard. Page 13

In the Sky with Diamonds: Ruth
Somerfield. Page 13


The nuclear Train: Jim Flint. Page 17

Bodywork: Hari Kunzru's portrait of a man
possessed. Page 15

Fredd Evans: "Sub Apocrypha". Elvis the 
obstetrician holds female birthing hostage
to ransom. Page 16