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Crash Media - meet the critical mass - issue 4

Josephine Berry, Micz Flor
Publisher / Label
Skycraper Digital Publishing
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
issue 4 - November 98
Number of pages


1   trafford.doc
    by Ejis Bend

    A Joke Between Us
    by Justin Spooner

2-3 Culture Club
    Steaming, Streaming, Creaming...bottom up, top down and from behind

    Concentrate Hard
    the Cultural Industry and Divisive Funding Policies

    Radio - International - City
    an Infrastructure for Audio Data in the Internet

    Sex slaves to public opinion - 
    Public Netbase kicks back...

4-5 Medium Roast
    Meat, Mall, Millennial, Manifesto Mayhem

    The TechnoSurrealist Manifesto
    by R.U. Sirius

    I'll be Your Mirror
    fight the memory loss

    Crash Course
    Spam contains no nutrition.
    I. Complain
    II. Filters
    III. Corrupt database
    IV. Shut gateways (server admin)
    V. Mail bombing

    radio - to avoid danger stay away from this medium
    Matze Schmidt

extra special
6-7 Was Weltgeist in Welt heisst: Doughnuts, Dollars, Airports, Trains, Cars, Marx, Old English Font converted in Illustrator. The rest is up Tokyo.

    The End of History
    History Never Started
    History of Art for Airports
    Philosophie Dans le Boudoir
    or How Mirabelle Explains the End of History to Mona

8-9 Dialetics of Home brew
    Jacob Jakobsen and  Henriette Heise in conversation with Josephine Berry

    Bulgarian Radio Culture in Legislative Limbo Land
    Iassen Boyadjiev in conversation with Micz Flor

10-11 God and the Great CD Swindle
    resolution number four
    The Ballad of Lo-Fi Jo
    or, how Sheila Gulag became a dope fiend
    JJ. King

    Robot Sex Slave
    by Peter Carty

12  Waterfall
    by: Sasha Mihaylowich