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Mute - Issue 08 - Cyberfeminism

Pauline van Mourik Broekman and Simon Worthington
Publisher / Label
Skycraper Digital Publishing
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Vol 1, No. 8
Number of pages


SHORT/CUTS: Johnny/Venus and Roymand: Cooper James/
e is for election: Nori Kunzav/ amore zero-g:
Ralph Schroeder / Tracy Matthieson/ soda/
Avon Huxoa/ Ioannis Ponidris/Parallel Space/
Vr worlds online 1.0


26 Net Radio
18 Kevin Kelly
Main:Tea with Kevin Kelly: Jjking questions the
master of the switcheroo. Is biblical prophecy
really all he's after? Josephine Bosma looks
for innovative models of online broadcasting.
Telling tales: Steve Rushton corporate identity and art
live tohgether in the garden of forking paths. But how potent is art parodhy?

30-37 The long dark phone in of the soul: agent's, bots
spiders, crawlers, Matthew Fuller stares our new
software companions in the eye and sees some
familiar reflections.

38-49 Special section: cyberfeminism:
Josephine Bosma/What are words worth/
Faith Wilding/Modest_witness@second_millenium
Sue Thomas/Pert Breasts and a Tiny White Leather Skirt/
Caroline Bassett/on the matrix/Josephine Berry/Wired Women/

50: audiophile: Hori  Kunzau Eshun Daniel Pemberton/
54: Read me: Suhoil Molik Caroline Bossett Martin Conrads/
58: Gaming: Sjoukje Von Der Meulen John Paul Bichard/
62: Shelf Life: Casual Deg/
66: Art Tm: Pauline Van Mourik Broekman Josephine Beary
74: Poul Welshe John Coyley/
76: Deep Blue: James Flint Sheep T. Iconoclast