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Artbyte - The Magazine of Digital Arts & Culture - Think Again

Gabriella Fanning
Publisher / Label
Artbyte Magazine Inc.
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Vol.1, No.5
Number of pages


12  ArtByte Rhizome Link
    News of digital culture from around the world

14  Fringe Research
    A regular column on digital culture 
    This issue: JENNICAM Live 
    by Steven Shaviro

16  Cross Talk
    A regular column on interdisciplinary art 
    This issue: Is Cyberspace Really a Space? 
    by Jon Ippolito

18  Girls Rule, Boys Drool
    Video Optimism, Pop Identities 
    by Barbara Einzig

26  ZKM
    The Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie, one of the few 
    organizations in the world devoted solely to new media art. 
    by George Frfield

32  Granular Synthesis
    The Austrian techno-art duo Kurt Hentschlager and Ulf Langheinrich 
    Interview by Claudia Hart

38 Redeeming Elements
    Michael Jantzen’s Synthetic Landscape 
    by Bennett Simpson

44  Think Again
    Artificial Intelligence, Television, and Video 
    by Joseph Milutis

53  Scanner
    A wide-ranging review of all that is digital 
    from art to products and back again 
    Including ArtBytds Digital Print Gallery

68  The Interactive View
    by Dave Johnson

70  Q&A

71  Technical Report
    High & low art and technology 
    Report on the digital studio: cameras, scanners, and printers 
    Including an interview with Jim Dine