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Art, Technology, Consciousness: Mind Large

Roy Ascott
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Intellect L & D E F a E
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Beyond Boundaries      2

  Edge-Life: technoetic structures and moist media – Roy Ascott
  Towards a Third Culture | Being in Between – Victoria Vesna
  The Posthuman Conception of Consciousness: a 10-point guide –
     Robert Pepperell
  Genesis: a transgenic artwork – Eduardo Kac
  Techno-Darwinism: artificial selection in the Electronic age – Bill Hill
  Not Science, or History: post digital biological art and a distant cousin –
     Michael Punt
  The Imagination of Matter, Pre-Columbian Cultural DNA
     and Maize Cultivation – Kathleen Rogers

Meaning and Emotion     33

  Capacity to Conceive New Meanings by Awareness of
     Conscious Experience – Michio Okuma & Isao Todo
  Motioning Toward the Emergent Definition of E-phany Physics –
     Bill Seaman
  Emotion Spaces Created from Poems – Tsutomu Miyasato
  The Process Appears: representation and non-representation in
     computer-based art – Christiane Heibach
  Towards a Physics of Meaning – John Sanfey
  Inquiry into Allegorical Knowledge Systems for Telematic Art –
     Tania Fraga
  Making Emotional Spaces in the Secret Project:
     building emotional interactive spaces – Richard Povall
  The Spectator Project: a multi-user narrative in ‘Mediaspace’ –
     Mike Phillips et al
  Interactive Media and the Construction of Dramatic Narrative:
     becoming and identity in contemporary American drama –
     Rhona Justice-Malloy
  Two Portraits of Chief Tupa Kupa:
     the image as an index of shifts in human consciousness –
     Niranjan Rajah

Transmodalities     84

  The Gift of Seeing: nineteenth century views from the field –
     Amy Ione
   Rendering the Viewer Conscious: interactivity and dynamic seeing –
     Tiffany Holmes
  The Mind’s Eye – Nina Czegledy
  Forms of Behaviour and a New Paradigm of Perception to
     the Production of New Sounds – Edson S. Zampronha
  Music Video, Technology and the Reversal of Perspective –
     Kevin Williams
  Paradigms of Change in Music and in Digital Communication –
     Dante Tanzi
  The Space of an Audiovisual Installation within a Real and
     a Virtual Environment – Dimitrios Charitos and Coti K
  ‘Give us the Funk…’ Machine Autonomy meets Rhythmic Sensibility –
     Jonathan Bedworth and Ben Simmonds
  The Synesthetic Mediator – Malin Zimm

Location     129

  Places of Mind: implications of narrative space for the architecture
     of information environments – Peter Anders
  Crystal Palace to Media Museum: a conceptual framework for
     experience and sight – Kylie Message
  Disturbing Territories – Shaun Murray
  Being @ Installations: the space-time of technoetics –
     Royden Hunt
  Evolutionary Algorithms in Support of Architectural Ground Plan Design –
     Tomor Elezkurtaj

Mind Theory     155

  There is no Intelligence – Ted Krueger
  Toward a Theory of Creative Inklings – Liane Gabora
  The Bicameral Mind and the Split-Brain Human Computer Interface –
     Gregory P Garvey
  Attractors and Vectors: the nature of the meme in visual art –
     Nicholas Tresilian
  Geo-Aesthetics of Quasi-Objects – Milan Jaros
  A Quantum Mechanical Model of Consciousness – John Cowley
  Conceptor: a model of selected consciousness features including
     emergence of basic speech structures in early childhood –
     Konrad R. Fialkowski and Boleslaw K. Szymanski
  The Twin-Data-Stream Theory of Consciousness – Paul Ableman
  Kantian Descriptive Metaphysics and Artificial Consciousness –
     Susan A.J.Stuart and Chris H. Dobbyn
  Towards a Physics of Subjectivity – Stephen Jones