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Handbook of Computer Game Studies

Joost Raessens & Jeffrey Goldstein
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The MIT Press
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Acknowledgments	ix
I	Computer Games	1
1	Slots of Fun, Slots of Trouble: An Archaeology of Arcade Gaming
Erkki Huhtamo
2	The History of the Video Game
Steven Malliet and Gust de Meyer	23
3	Future of Games: Mobile Gaming
Justin Hall	47
II	Design	57
4	Game Design and Meaningful Play
Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman	59
5	Click Reading: Screenwriting and Screen-Reading Practices in Film and Multimedia Fictions
Isabelle Raynauld	81
6	Computer Games and Learning: Digital Game-Based Learning
Marc Prensky	97
III	Reception	123
7	Cognitive Effects of Video Games
Sandra L. Calvert	125
8	Children's Social Behavior during Video Game Play
Robyn M. Holmes and Anthony D. Pellegrini	133
9	Psychological Effects of Video Games
Barrie Gunter	145
10	The Therapeutic Value of Video Games
Mark Griffiths	161
IV	Games as an Aesthetic Phenomenon	173
11	Games, the New Lively Art
Henry Jenkins	175
12	Genre and the Video Game
Mark J. P. Wolf	193
13	The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Game Genres
John E. Laird and Michael van Lent	205
14	Games Telling Stories?
Jesper Juul	219
15	Narrativity in Computer Games
Britta Neitzel	227
V	Games as a Cultural Phenomenon	249
16	The Game of Life: Narrative and Ludic Identity Formation in Computer Games
Jos de Mul	251
17	Computer Games as Evocative Objects: From Projective Screens to Relational Artifacts
Sherry Turkle	267
18	Gaming with Grrls: Looking for Sheroes in Computer Games
Birgit Richard and Jutta Zaremba	283
19	Gendered Gaming in Gendered Space
Jo Bryce and Jason Rutter	301
20	Serious Play: Playing with Race in Contemporary Gaming Culture
Anna Everett	311
21	Simulation, History, and Computer Games
William Uricchio	327
VI	Games as a Social Phenomenon	339
22	Violent Video Games
Jeffrey Goldstein	341
23	Does Video Games Addiction Exist?
Mark Griffiths and Mark N. O. Davies	359
24	Computer Games as Participatory Media Culture
Joost Raessens	373
25	I Am What I Play: Participation and Reality as Content
Jan-Willem Huisman and Hanne Marckmann	389
26	Game Reconstruction Workshop: Demolishing and Evolving PC Games and Gamer Culture
Anne-Marie Schleiner	405
27	Renaissance Now! The Gamers' Perspective
Douglas Rushkoff	415
About the Contributors	423
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