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Audio Visual: on Visual and Related Media

Holger Lund & Cornelia Lund
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Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt
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Editorial / Cornelia Lund, Holger Lund --
Photo gallery on Exploring party I --
Academic research. Seeing sound : the short films of Mary Ellen Bute / Sandra Naumann ; Visual muzak and the regulation of the senses : notes on Nicolas Schöffer / Hervé Vanel ; Sound in expanded cinema : Malcolm Le Grice's Berlin horse / Maxa Zoller ; Images of performances, images as performances : on the (in-)differentiability of music video and visual music / Matthias Weiß ; "...if you could see it, then you'd understand?" Visual music in Mark Romanek/Coldplay, Speed of sound / Henry Keazor ; An audience of one, sound games as a specific form of visual music / Axel Stockburger --
Graphic art by stapelberg&fritz --
Essays 01. On visual music. Visual music : forms and possibilities / Friedemann Dähn ; Visual music / Paul Mumford ; VJing between image and sound / Laurent Carlier ; Button-pushing, egg-frying, and other performative acts / Cornelia Lund ; Visual music in the context of multimedia parties / Holger Lund --
Photo gallery on exploring party II --
Essays 02. On audiovisual production. A vanishing point and sound projection / Bruce McClure ; Boulez Republic Grand Ensemble / Vincent Alaphilippe, François Pirault ; The evolution of the court jester / Codec aka Niklas Völker ; From video games to audiovisual instruments / Yves Schmid Dornbierer ; Mikomikona : sound/image performances with two overhead projectors / Birgit Schneider --
Essays 03. On individual woks. An auditory conduit to the eye : Sven-Ingo Koch's music for Walter Ruttmann's Opus IV / Jan Kopp ; The visualization of noise : Angel audio/video RMX (2002) by Philipp Geist / Viola Fissek, Philipp Geist.