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Aesthetic Computing

Paul A. Fishwick
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The MIT Press
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Series Foreword		xi	
Preface		xiii	

I Philosophy and Representation   1	

1  An Introduction to Aesthetic Computing   3	
   Paul Fishwick

2  Goodman's Aesthetics and the Languages of Computing   29	
   John Lee

3  A Forty-Year Perspective on Aesthetic Computing in the Leonardo Journal   43	
   Roger F. Malina

4  The Interface as Sign and as Aesthetic Event   53	
   Frieder Nake and Susanne Grabowski

5  Metaphorical Dimensions of Diagrammatic Graph Representations   71	
   Ray Paton

II Art and Design   87	

6  Metaphoric Mappings: The Art of Visualization   89	
   Donna Cox

7  Public Space of Knowledge: Artistic Practice in Aesthetic Computing   115	
   Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss

8  Visually Encoding Numbers Utilizing Prime Factors   137	
   Kenneth A. Huff

9  From the Poesy of Programming to Research as Art From   169	
   Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer

10 Transdisciplinary Collaboration in ``Cell''   185	
   Jane Prophet and Mark d'Inverno

11 Processing Code: Programming Within the Context of Visual Art and 
   Design   197	
   Casey Reas and Ben Fry

III Mathematics and Computing   227	

12 Aesthetics and the Visualization and Quality of Software   229	
   Stephan Diehl and Carsten Gorg

13 Aesthetics and Mathematics: Connections Throughout History   239	
   Michele Emmer

14 Aesthetic Computing and Shape   259	
   Frederic Fol Leymarie

15 The Foundations of Aesthetics   289	
   Michael Leyton

16 Aesthetics of Large-Scale Relational Information Visualization in 
   Practice   315	
   Aaron Quigley

17 The Well-Tempered Compiler? The Aesthetics of Program Auralization   335	
   Paul Vickers and James L. Alty

IV Interface and Interaction   355	

18 Tertiary Artifacts at the Interface   357	
   Olav W. Bertelsen

19 Transparency and Reflectivity: Digital Art and the Aesthetics of 
   Interface Design   369	
   Jay David Bolter and Diane Gromala

20 Articulating the use Qualities of Digital Designs   383	
   Jonas Lowgren

21 Exploring Attributes of Skins as Potential Antecedents of Emotion in 
   HCI   405	
   Noam Tractinsky and Dror Zmiri

About the Authors		423	
Index		435