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At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet

Annmarie Chandler & Norie Neumark
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The MIT Press
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Series Foreword	                                             ix
Foreword Joel Slayton                                        xi
Acknowledgments                                              xiii
Introduction : relays, delays, and distance 
art/activism, Norie Neumark	                             2

I   Critical Perspectives on Distance Art/Activist Practices 26

1   Interactive, algorithmic, networked : aesthetics of 
    new media art, Johanna Drucker                           34
2   Immaterial material : physicality, corporality, and 
    dematerialization in telecommunication artworks,
    Tilman Baumgartel	                                     60
3   From representation to networks : interplays of 
    visualities, apparatuses, discourses, territories 
    and bodies, Reinhard Braun (Translated by Cecilia White) 72
4   The mail art exhibition : personal worlds to 
    cultural strategies, John Held, Jr.	                     88
5   Fluxus praxis : an exploration of connections, 
    creativity, and community, Owen F. Smith	             116

II  Artists/Activists Re-view Their Projects                 140

6   Animating the social : Mobile Image/Kit Galloway 
    and Sherrie Rabinowitz, Annmarie Chandler 	             152
7   An unsuspected future in broadcasting : 
    negativland, Don Joyce                                   176
8   Mini-FM : performing microscopic distance (an e-mail 
    interview with Tetsuo Kogawa), Tetsuo Kogawa with
    Annmarie Chandler and Norie Neumark	                     190
9   From the Gulf War to the Battle of Seattle : 
    building an international alternative media
    network, Jesse Drew   	                             210
10  The Form : 1970-1979 and other extemporaneous 
    anomalous assemblings, Melody Summer Carnaban            226
11  Networked psychoanalysis : a dialogue with Anna 
    Freud Banana, Craig Saper	                             246
12  From mail art to telepresence : communication at a 
    distance in the works of Paulo Bruscky and Eduardo 
    Kac, Simoe Osthoff	                                     260
13  Distance makes the art grow further : distributed 
    authorship and telematic textuality in La Plissure 
    du Texte, Roy Ascott	                             282
14  From BBS to wireless : a story of art in chips,
    Andrew Garton	                                     298
15  REALTIME - radio art, telematic art, and 
    telerobotics : two examples, Heidi Grundmann   	     314

III Networking Art/Activist Practices                        336

16  Estri-dentistas : taking the teeth out of futurism,
    Maria Fernandez  	                                     342
17  Computer network music bands : a history of the 
    League of Automatic Music Composers and The Hub,
    Chris Brown and John Bischoff	                     372
18  Assembling magazines and alternative artists' 
    networks, Stephen Perkins 	                             392
19  The wealth and poverty of networks, Ken Friedman	     408
20  From internationalism to transnations : networked 
    art and activism, Sean Cubitt                            424

Conclusion, Annmarie Chandler and Norie Neumark	             438

Timeline                                                     444
List of Contributors                                         470
Index                                                        476