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Nettitudes: Let's Talk Net Art

Josephine Bosma
Publisher / Label
NAi Publishers
The Netherlands
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgments 7

Net Art Back to Square One, Introduction Florian Cramer     9

Introduction                                               15

Part I

Let's Talk Net Art                                         22

   Preface - Defining Net Art - Medium Specificity and the Ghost of 
   Conceptualism - Online Discourse and Net Art Reception - Origins 
   and Early Approaches - Tilman Baumgärtel - Julian Stallabrass - 
   Rachel Greene - Other Texts - Taking a Few Steps Back - The Art: 
   Media Art Divide - Embodied Knowledge, Grounded Theory - 
   There Was Never a Post-Medium Condition - Differential Specificity
   in Sociotechnological Structures - When Artist and Medium Meet - 
   Where Is the Net in Art - Meta-Medium - Changing Perspective - 

Levels, Spheres and Patterns: Form and Location in Net Art 62

   Introduction - Code: Programming and Software - Code 'Slang' 
   Poetry: Mary-Ann Breeze - Poetry That 'Works' - Executable Code 
   Poetry: Graham Harwood - Code Drawing Jodi - Poetic Virus: 
   Jaromil - Conceptual Software: Wilfried Houjebek - Software Art: 
   I/O/D - Flow: Experiencing the Network as Physical Space - Flow 
   in Installation Paul Sermon Atau Tanaka - Flow and Performance - 
   Performance before 1995: Adrian, Ascott, Station Rose - Beyond the 
   Bubble Van Gogh TV - Flow in Performance 1995-2000 Fakeshop 
   Helen Thorington Debra Solomon - Flow in Performance 2000-2010:
   Eva Franco Mattes Michael Mandiberg Constant Dullaart - 
   Screen: Visual Thinking - The Closed Screen: Young-Hae Chang 
   Heavy Industries - The Labyrinthian Screen Jodi - The Realized 
   Screen Olia Lialina Jan Robert Leegte - The Semi-Realized Screen:
   Sander Veenhof Mark Skwarek - Matter: The Body of the 
   Computer - Discarded matter James Wallbank Peter Luining - 
   Hardware as Interface: Micz Flor Florian Clauss Alexei 
   Shulgin Stahl Stenslie Kirk Woolford - Sensitive Matter: Biotech: 
   Critical Art Ensemble Oron Catts - Context: Identities, Metaphors 
   and Cultural Contamination - Film Theory and Digital Media - The 
   Role of the Audience - Context: Identity, Role Play and Gender - 
   Gender and Poetic Intervention Shu-Lea Chang - Artist Activists: 
   Heath Bunting, RTMark/the Yes Men - Context and Cultural Identity 
   Brian Mackern - Conclusion: Radical Diversity

Part II From Non-Movement to Anti-History                 126

   First Contact - Death of a Cult = Star Culture - Legends, Myths 
   and - A Deeper View - Introducing the Artists - From 
   Studios to Networks to Tribes: Contexts and Sources - - 
   Next 5 Minutes - Net.Art.Per.Se, Digital Chaos and the 'Secret Net 
   Art Meeting' - Naming, Branding or Being - Different Contexts, 
   Different Meanings - From Context to Audience - dX: and 
   Workspace - Ars Electronica Festival 1997: Remote-C-7-11-
   Female Extension - Conclusion

The Gap between Now and Then: On the Conservation of Memory 164

   Embracing the Unpredictable - Stretching and Bending Time - 
   High-Velocity Decay - Crossing the Deadline - The Angel and the 
   Machine - The Living Archive - Intimate Bureaucracies - Big Time: 
   The Clock of the Long Now - No Time: Boarding the Capsule - 
   Towards an Endless Ending (Conclusion)

The Source and the Well: The Intimacy of Sound Spaces       192

   Introduction - The Listener as Reader and Composer - The Shaping 
   of Silence - The Production of Silence - Artist and Listener Merge in 
   Silence - The Pirate Listener - Sonic Performance beyond the Void - 
   The Inviting Composer - Zooming in on Silence - Joyce Hinterding's 
   Aeriology - Radioqualia's Radio Astronomy and Free Radio Linux - 
   Sonic Takeover - Acoustic Space Gun Mark Bain's - Labyrinthitis 
  Jacob Kirkegaard's - The Source and the Well

Notes                                                       223

Bibliography                                                255