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Mondo 2000 n.9

Publisher / Label
Fun City MegaMedia
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Number of pages
74470 77997


8 Communications to the editor
12 Encryption: son of PGO
by Norman French
16 Guerrilla video gaming
by Criag Engler
Street Tech
18 Hyperwebs: VR update 
by Wes Thomas
22 Escaping the Desktop: wearables!
by Paco Xander Nathan
26 Computer as Furoshiki
by Bruce Sterling
28 Fringe Science: close encounter of the fourth kind-abductions
by Nick Herbert
30 The slacker factor: pimping the reality principle
by Andrew Hultkrans
34 Some thing to watch over you: the surveillance art of Julia Scher
by Constance Penley
40 Naked lunch?
Lydia Lunch in conversation with Susie Bright
with an introduction by Kathy Acker
46 Zoning out (temporarily): Hakim Bey and Genesis P-Orridge in conversation with John Perry Barlow
54 Miss Hacker's Cotillion
Photographs by Bart Nagel
58 Hell-O-Rama: the wet'n'wild splattercore of GWAR
by Andrew Hultkrans
66 The Fab Vier: dissecting the body politic
Laibach at home and abroad
by Kenneth Laddish
72 Prophets of rage: the disposable heroes of hiphropisy
by David Kushner
80 Withdrawing in disgust is not the same as apathy: cutting some slack with Austin's Richard Linklater
by Melissa Petrek and Alan Hines
Big Tech
86 Gardener of unearthly delights: William Latham
by Jas. Morgan
94 Vulcan Logic on the road to Lilliput: Eric Drexler
by Rudy Rucker
98 The road to Lilliput is paved with Good Intentions
by Dallas Brother
102 Are you ISDN-Aware?
by Wes Thomas
110 Notes from the underground
by Len Rose
112 Turing with Reverend Idaho
by Robert Carr
114 Four arguments for the redemption of television
by Wes Thomas
122 Power Japanese
by Chris Hudak
124 Dirty little secrets: Shiny-Brite Swiss Bank Accounts
by Norman French
128 Xandor speaks: Somalia, SETI, and shadow ecology