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Mondo 2000 n. 5

Publisher / Label
Fun City MegaMedia
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Number of pages


8 Walrus Gumbo by Queen Mu

Communications to the editor
10 A pubblic announcement

16 PMS with broken windows by Mondo Conne
18 Robofest by Rob Hafernik
22 Ascii no questions by Steve Lipson
24 Techno shorts by Ed Tywoniak
29 Mondo media labs by Allan Lundell

Street tech
26 Garage VR, Diy Nasa, hackers convention by Gareth Branwyn
35 Fringe science: does she do the vulcan mindmeld on the first date? by Nick Herbert
36 Smart drugs update by John Morgenthaler
38 Are you as smart as your drugs? by St. Jude
39 Irresponsible journalism by St. Jude
42 Guerilla semiotics by Marc Dery
44 Virtual Nintendo by John Perry Barlow

84 Ellen Schippers
86 Anarchic adjustments
88 Waking Man

48 Mark Leyner's galactic colonoscopy
From dense dot to big God
in conversation with Larry McCaffery and Duncan Bock
80 Bacchic pleasure
The recrudescence of pan
Digital isis playing in the mythos
96 Doctor Fiorella Terenzi
and the datastream from outer space
in conversation with Jas, Bart, Gracie & Zarkov
54 Post industrial music by Gareth Branwyn
58 The dark show: sound traffic control by Bob Gelman
62 Industrial introspection an interview with Trent Reznor by Gareth Branwyn

More features
62 Glenn Branca and Elliot Sharp
in conversation with Mark Dery
72 Meet the resident by Stephen with St. Jude
90 Roger McGuinn: in key of light
in conversation with Jas. Morgan and Sandy Pearlman

Big tech
102 Say goodbye to "human"
FM-2030 philosophizes with Jas. 2023 and Anita Hoffman
106 Multimedia: eat it while it's hot by Peter Sugarman
108 Machover's hypercube by Jas. Morgan

114 Books
An acid take on Camolle Paglia by Gracie & Zarkov
119 Hardware, games & software
PC private eye by Chris Hudak
Artificial intelligence and sincere stupidity by Chris Hudak
Exploring the gnarl: chaos the software by Mark Frauenfelder

End piece
excerpts from Haking Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zone
selected by Queen Mu page 124