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OEI #98–99: Aural Poetics

edited by Michael Nardone
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Table of Contents

To Begin the Cycle Again 8
	Raven Chacon Thirteen Scores, 	Duet (2000) 11
	Echo Contest (2005) 12
	Compass (2021) 13
	Ella Lora (2002) 16
	Music for Voice (2003) 18
	Mirror Quintet (2004) 19 
	Whistle Quartet (2001) 20
	Drum Grid (2010) 21
	.../ahgo ádíl'i diné doo yééhósinilgíf yidáaghi (2004) 24
	American Ledger 2 (2019) 25
	Whisper Trio (2008) 28 
	Dispatch (2020), with Candice Hopkins 30
	Music for 13 Paths (2021) 34
	Contrary Motions, Raven Chacon in dialogue with Michael Nardone 35

Relentless Echoes Surface 48
	Eyvind Kang, Yielding Tones 51
	Jerome Ellis, Milta 52
		Preface, or, Prevoice, or Melismatic Palimpsest 61
	Amber Rose Johnson, Enacting Entanglements: A Score for 3 67
	John Melillo, Waves and A Wave 70
	Heather Davis, Unrelenting 75
	Tanya Lurkin Linklater, She senses. 78
	Diane Glancy, Cursive 79
	Janel Morin + Peter Morin, Found/Memory poems, 1 to 5 81

The Nemescu Transmissions 84
	Niiqo Pam Dick, You Scale Alone 88
	Oana Avasilichioaei, Porous Seuil 111

Homonymic Listening 122
	Sophie Seita, A Laboratory of Sensations:
		Listening for Texture 125
	Ame Henderson + Evan Webber, When Everything is an Ear:
		Reading, Writing, and Sounding
		Performance Encyclopaedia 140
	Patrick Nickleson, Listening within the Pale 146
	Dalie Giroux, translated by Simon Brown, American French: One Vernacular Platform for Decolonization 153
		Talking to each other in America Dalie Giroux in dialogue with François Lemieux 162
	Gail Scott, from Furniture Music [Molto Allegro] 167

Five Spoken Texts from The Reader 172
	Constance DeJong, Twilight (2020) 175
		On a Street (2015) 176
		Bedside (2017-18) 179
		Frequency Hopping 2 (2018) 182
		In a Car (2015) 184

Mark of Bloom 190
	Eyvind Kang, Notes on Music Fiction 193
	Mitchell Akiyama, Total Reality 194
	Damon Krukowski, Conceptual Music: Maryanne Amacher's Writings 200
	Carolyn Chen + Diva Victor, from Absence of Reliable Ghosts 204
	Marshall Trammell, Burn the Temples / Break Up The Bells 211
	Luke Nickel, I Feel Love, by Donna Summer 214
	Lauren Turner, Instructions for Writing a Country Song in Music City 216
	Valéria Bonafé + Lílian Campesato, Affective Reports 217

Liminal Dynamics 228
	Nicholas Komodore, Study for Opticochorus
	Lewis Freedman, A Voiceover to Overlay Asemic Writing
	Tiziana La Melia + Ellis Sam, Scenes from Kletic Kink
	Ida Marie Hede + Steven Zultanski, Two People Walking Around an Apartment Carrying Very Full, Very Hot Mugs of Coffee
	Alexandre St-Onge, AuReAu
	Danny Snelson, Virtual Sibilance, High Fidelity Hiss
	Brent Cox + Courtlin Byrd, "@"-G
	Raymond Boisjoly, Reading a passage from Roman yet since six lecture on sound and meaning

Resonant Ecologies 270
	Dylan Robinson, selélets' li te
		senakw senaqw sana?qw 273
	Max Ritts, Inaudible: Labor and Science in Ocean Noise Politics 274
	Merlin Sheldrake, Entangled Life 278
	Luke Nickel, Messengers, Steven Feld in dialogue with Xenia Benivolski 280
	Tom Miller, White Fang Field Recording 283
	Marcus Boon, Talking with Birds 284
	Anne Bourne, Vibration In Itself: Sound, Humanism, and the Anthropocene 286
	Cecilia Vicuña, from sound field restoration archive 294
	translated by Daniel Borzutsky, from Deer Book 296

Now listening will be the luminous duration of your tissues 312
	Lisa Robertson, Preface 315
		Disquiet 316
		In Phonographic Deep Song: Sounding Niedecker 324
		Interval, Diasem: Politics of Styles in Peter Culley's Parkway 329
		Émile Benveniste on Baudelaire 334
	Henri Meschonnic, translated by Lisa Robertson + Ava Spector, A Rhythm Party Manifesto 343
	Stacy Doris + Lisa Robertson, The Perfume Recordist 349

Aural Poetics 358
	Michael Nardone, An Editorial Afterword 361

Contributors 364

Acknowledgments 367

Colophon 368