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Art + DIY Electronics

Garnet Hertz
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Mit Press
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Series Foreword ix
Acknowledgments xi

Beginnings An Introduction to the DIY Mindset 1
	0.1 A History of Electronic Art in the Twentieth Century 21
	0.2 A Definition of DIY: Do + It + Yourself 43

Theme 1 Frugal Innovations 61
	1.1 Frugality and the Demanufacturing Machine: Zombie Technology, Bricolage, and Hype Cycles 67
	1.2 Frugality and Telephonic Arm-Wrestling: Jugaad, Finances, and Function 83
	1.3 Frugality and the Toaster Project: Technical Disorientation, Device Paradigms, and Highlowness 97

Theme 2 Exploring Technologies 109
	2.1 Exploration and the Incantor: Bending Circuits, Depunctualization, and Unblackboxing 119
	2.2 Exploration and Wire Figures: Technologies, Interactivity, and Radio Shack Cybernetics 133
	2.3 Exploration and 20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes: Technological Performance, Hedonization, and the Thrill of Impending Failure 145

Theme 3 Building Identities 155
	3.1 Identity and Taratter MI-03: Device Art, Chindogu, and Alternative Presents 161
	3.2 Identity and the Barbie Liberation Organization: Culture Jamming, Technical D├ętournement, and Mediagenics 173
	3.3 Identity and the Stock Market Skirt: Gender, Telerobotics, and Clothing as Conversation 185

Theme 4 Anti-institutional Disobedience 199
	4.1 Disobedience and Robot K-456: Wabi-sabi, Electronic Arte Povera, and Beautiful Mistakes 209
	4.2 Disobedience and Hairbrain 2000: Burlesque Technologies, Highlowness, and Neoretroism 221
	4.3 Disobedience and Feral Robotic Dogs: Hardware Activism, Communities, and Planned Obsolescence 235

Theme 5 Selling Out and Graffitiwriter 245 

Conclusions The DIY Mindset 259
Notes 269
Index 309