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Floppy Disk Fever, The Curious Afterlives of a Flexible Medium

edited by Niek Hilkmann, Thomas Walskaar
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The Netherlands
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V Foreword: Floppy Disks and a Curable Kind of Melancholia
oy Lori Emerson / Media Archaeology Lab
Media archeology, skeuomorphs and the dangers of nostalgia

xiii Preface: In State of Flux - Beyond Pillows and Coasters
by Niek Hilkmann / Floppy Disk Fever
Tacky merchandise, residual events, and a word of welcome

02 The Last Man in the Business
Tom Persky/
Floppy business, disk manufacturing and recycling programs

14 The Gory Details
Florian Cramer
Lo-bit cinema, extreme compression, and combinatorial poetics

26 Looking forward by Looking back
Clint Basinger/ Lazy Game Reviews
Tech tales, oddware and retro YouTube content

38 Everyone. Everthing Shapes Us
Nick Gentry
Floppy paintings, collective identity, and tactile retrospection

50 A Memorable Sort of Limitation
Foone Turing
Hardware hacking, impractical keyboards, and creative bottlenecks

62 The Main Event
AJ Heller and Joerg Droege / Scene World
multi-platform discmags, swapping culture, and the demoscene

76 An Underground Adventure
Adam Frankiewicz/ Pionierska Records
Moony mus
and recerdlabele, and the mea

88 Lost and Found
Jason Curtis / Museum of Obsolete Media
fete formots, colloborgtive collectino, and alternative medio Naton

100 Rebooting Digital Heritage
Bart van den Akker/ Helmond Computer Museum

112 Free Range Troublemaker
Jason Scott /
Media preservation, twitch streaming, and anarchistic archive

123 Media Glossary
By Jason Curtis