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Frankenstein Reanimated: Creation & Technology in the 21st Century

edited by Marc Garrett & Yiannis Colakides
Publisher / Label
Torque Editions/Furtherfield/NeMe
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ISBN 978-0993248764



9 Preface: The Perfect Storm
Yiannis Colakides

15 Introduction: Frankenstein in the 21st Century Marc Garrett 33 Radicalism, Reform, and the Relevance of Frankenstein
Frances A. Chiu

45 Frankenstein in the Time of Covid-19
Gregory Sholette and Olga Kopenkina interviewed by Yiannis Colakides and Marc Garrett

55 On the Basis of Face: The Politics and Practices of Biometric Art
Devon Schiller

73 Grace [Help Me Know the Truth]
Mary Flanagan in conversation with Marc Garrett

85 Medusa FPS, the Game that Subverts the Logic and Goals of the FPS Genre
Karolina Sobecka interviewed by Régine Debatty

93 Learning with the Machine
Alexia Achilleos interviewed by Yiannis Colakides

101 They Learn Like Small Children
Gretta Louw interviewed by Marc Garrett

109 Society has Become the Biggest Panopticon
Shu Lea Cheang interviewed by Zach Blas

117 Ongoing Investigations
Marinos Koutsomichalis interviewed by Yiannis Colakides

129 Watching the Watchers
Joana Moll interviewed by Marc Garrett

135 A Quiet Desert Failure
Gretta Louw
141 Amplified
Lynn Hershman Leeson interviewed by G. Roger Denson

155 Nothing to See Here, or: The Generated Poetry of Image Classification Tools Describing Coronavirus Stock Photography
Eryk Salvaggio

175 La Cura: An Open Source Cure
Salvatore Iaconesi interviewed by Patrick Lichty

185 Community Memory Through Appropriated Media
Eugenio Tisselli interviewed by Marc Garrett

191 The Underlying
Ami Clarke in conversation with Laura Netz

203 Virtuality and Biological Reality
Carla Gannis interviewed by Marc Garrett

211 A Journey in Edgespaces
Alan Sondheim interviewed by Michael Szpakowski

221 Deep Sameness
Paul Vanouse interviewed by Yiannis Colakides

231 Contagious! Visiting an Exhibition on Epidemic Diseases
Ruben Verwaal

241 The Verge of the Abyss
Srecko Horvat in conversation with Yiannis Colakides and Marc Garrett

259 Postscript (Let’s change this together)
Marc Garrett and Yiannis Colakides

263 Biographies
285 Index
290 Acknowledgements