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The Book of X, 10 Years of Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X

edited by Miguel Carvalhais, André Rangel, Luísa Ribas, Mario Verdicchio
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29 Foreword
35 Philip Galanter
Complexism and the Dionysian X
47 Sophie-Carolin Wagner
The Social Problem of Technology
57 Andreas Broeckmann
X as Infancy, Not
67 Rodrigo Hernández-Ramírez
Why Distancing Matters for Aesthetics and Technology
79 Rosemary Lee
The Tangential Realism of @PepitoTheCat
91 Frieder Nake
Piet Mondrian Did Not Use a Computer
101 Christian Ulrik Andersen & Søren Bro Pold
Aesthetic Computational Criticism: How to Critically and
Technically Engage With the Climate Crisis
111 Patrícia J. Reis
X Body: Embodying the “Black Box”
121 Victoria Bradbury
X is for Xavier: Art and Parenting in The Field of New Media
131 Nicolas Malevé, Nestor Siré, Gaia Tedone
Packaging Across Networks: Tracing Strategies and Curatorial
Intelligences of the Cuban Paquete Semanal
147 Jung In Jung
Practising the Aesthetics of Anonymity Decomposing Biases
Through Play
159 Gabriel S Moses, Yoav Yaakov Lifshitz, Tsila Hassine
Let X Equal !X ≈ A Call to Relocate Relocation
171 Amy Alexander
X, the Ever-Evolving Talking Head, Going Pro, and the Post-
Pandemic Self
181 Jon McCormack
The Value of AI Art
193 Daniel Temkin
Code-Poetics X Esolangs
207 Domenico Quaranta
How Can Art Exist on a Distributed Ledger?
221 Alessandro Ludovico
This Chapter Might Have Been Written by a Machine
231 Olia Lialina
235 Alex McLean
239 Andres Wanner
243 Sara Orsi
247 Angela Ferraiolo
251 Beverley Hood
254 Anna-Luise Lorenz
259 Andrés Villa Torres
263 Catarina Lee
267 Jingyin (Jon) He
271 Kim Albrecht
275 Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato
280 Joana Chicau
285 Christian Faubel
289 Hanns Holger Rutz
293 David Pirrò
297 Martin Bricelj Baraga
301 Paul Prudence
304 Małgorzata Dancewicz
309 Valentina Vuksic
313 Adriana Sá
317 Vilbjørg Broch
321 Francisca Rocha Gonçalves
325 Martin Rumori
329 Špela Petrič
333 Filipe Pais
337 Tim Shaw
341 Winnie Soon
345 Yanai Toister and Nimrod Astarhan
349 Pedro Tudela
353 Jason Reizner