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Bitstreams, The Future Of Digital Literary Heritage

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
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University of Pennsilvanya Press
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Introduction | The Bitstream 1

1 | Archives Without Dust 16
2 | The Poetics of Macintosh 39
3 | The Story of S. 74

Coda | The Postulate of Normality in Exceptional Times 98

Notes 115

Acknowledgments 139

Index 141

edited by Niek Hilkmann, Thomas Walskaar
Floppy Disk Fever, The Curious Afterlives of a Flexible Medium
Onomatopee — book
ISBN 978-9493148864
158 p., English, 2022, The Netherlands

At Neural we still have a number of floppy disks, surprisingly most of them still working (the most important have been obviously backed up long time ago), and a floppy disk drive that seamlessly works even with the most recent computers. Floppies are the oldest standard medium for data we still (quite rarely) use, as in the past we got rid of all the other magnetic media to storage data (and respective readers). Apparently we are not alone. This book is an edited collection of interviews to 
The authors are ???
Floppy Totaal, an organisation in Rotterdam investigating “the reuse and repurposing of 'outdated' technology as a cultural phenomenon” 

Media archeology

The surviving “save” icon which have recently generated jokes and memes.

A lot of ground is covered in this publication: from 
And from the ??? To the demoscene, a further specific use of floppies

Includes a preface by Lori Emerson (Media Archeology Lab) and interviews with Jason Scott (, Tom Persky (, Florian Cramer, Jason Curtis (Museum of Obsolete Media), Adam Frankiewicz (Pionierska Records), Foone Turing, Clint Basinger (Lazy Game Reviews), Nick Gentry, Joerg Droege and AJ Heller (Scene World) and Bart van den Akker (HelmondComputerMuseum).

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V Foreword: Floppy Disks and a Curable Kind of Melancholia
oy Lori Emerson / Media Archaeology Lab
Media archeology, skeuomorphs and the dangers of nostalgia

xiii Preface: In State of Flux - Beyond Pillows and Coasters
by Niek Hilkmann / Floppy Disk Fever
Tacky merchandise, residual events, and a word of welcome

02 The Last Man in the Business
Tom Persky/
Floppy business, disk manufacturing and recycling programs

14 The Gory Details
Florian Cramer
Lo-bit cinema, extreme compression, and combinatorial poetics

26 Looking forward by Looking back
Clint Basinger/ Lazy Game Reviews
Tech tales, oddware and retro YouTube content

38 Everyone. Everthing Shapes Us
Nick Gentry
Floppy paintings, collective identity, and tactile retrospection

50 A Memorable Sort of Limitation
Foone Turing
Hardware hacking, impractical keyboards, and creative bottlenecks

62 The Main Event
AJ Heller and Joerg Droege / Scene World
multi-platform discmags, swapping culture, and the demoscene

76 An Underground Adventure
Adam Frankiewicz/ Pionierska Records
Moony mus
and recerdlabele, and the mea

88 Lost and Found
Jason Curtis / Museum of Obsolete Media
fete formots, colloborgtive collectino, and alternative medio Naton

100 Rebooting Digital Heritage
Bart van den Akker/ Helmond Computer Museum

112 Free Range Troublemaker
Jason Scott /
Media preservation, twitch streaming, and anarchistic archive

123 Media Glossary
By Jason Curtis