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Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition

(edited by) Ilan Manouach and Anna Engelhardt
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Table of Contents

Inventory p.21 — 496

I. p.22—85
Cognitive Assemblages, Machine Perception, Technogenesis, Noodiversity, Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, Reptile Brain, Swarm Intelligence, Blue Brain Project, Anthropomorphic Attachments, Hybrid Agency, Abductive Reasoning, Non-synthesis, Artificial Ignorance!, Natural Intelligence, Learners, Noosphere, Machine Philosophy, Intelligence, Midinformation, Natural Stupidity.

II. p.86 — 147
Biocolonialism, Racialising Algorithms, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Safety, Techno-regulation, Algorithmic Citizenship, Selfless Subject, Indigenous AI, Procedural Animism, Interspecies Semiotics, Monster, Posthuman Folklore, Digital Legacy, Radical Otherness, Crip AI, Disabled Cyborg, Slow Technology, Compulsory Able-bodiedness, Overpopulation.

III. p.148 — 213
Model, Peak Data, The Problem of Scale, Constraint, Secret User, Bias, Embedding, User, Agential Assemblage, DAO, Connectome, Error, Algorithmic Rating, The Confidence Interval, Latent Reading, Parasemiotic Synthesis, Templexture, Spawning, Style Imitation, 3D Printed Training Data.
15 I.

IV. p.214 — 263
Techno Racial Capitalism, Coltan, Cosmologistics, Microwork Platforms, Wireheading, Post-post-work, Revolution, Algorithmic Justice, Feminist Data Set, Heptagon of Resistances, Post-capitalist Hydra, Self Driving Money, Accelerating the Transition Period, Graduate Student Descent, Elitist Selection, Capitalism.

V. p.264 — 317
Toy Model AGI, Tactical AI, Tachyonic Data, Daemonic Terrain Scraping, Hormone Hyperobject, Sentient City, Sibyl Society, Fictions, Golem, Humans are from Earth, AI is from Our Humans, Diacritical Hourglasses, Atom-Letters, Meglanguages, A Ventriloquist’s Vernacular, The Meridian Voice, Groundlessness, Universal (Columnar) Interiority, AGI as the Outside View of the Human.

VI. p.318 — 369
Darkside Empathy, Infrastructural Uncanny, Epinumeric Trauma, Nostalgic Engineering, Artificial Dementia, Emotive Humanoid, Digisexualities 2.0, Alternative Erotic Content, Sexbot, Lathouse, Deepfakes, Cyberwar, Denial of Attention Attack, Creative AI, Artificial Welfare, AI-empowered Mental Health, Artificial Conviviality.

VII. p.370 — 496
US4561996A Otis F. Boykin, Electrical Resistor And Method Of Making The Same —Fields Harrington

América Salvaje HD — Juan Covelli

It’s always so hard to admit that things are different than what we had believed at first sight—Michele Gabriele

Chat | DOG — Viktor Timofeev Overclocked—Diane Edwards Boohoo Brain—Rachel Rossin AIDOL—Lawrence Lek

nimiia cétiï — Jenna Sutela Khthon—Joey Holder Plantoid—Victoria Pacheco

My mind yields easily, To the unrelenting pressure of the sun — Bassam Al-Sabah

OZERKI—Gena Marvin

Ballad to Detritus—The Mycological Twist

machines_conversing.092y —Sadie-Mae Arellano AKA ex.icon

RE-ANIMATED — Jakob Kudsk Steensen 

Polymerized cybernetic plant (PCP) —Anastasia Kizilova

Premium Connect (Real Deal) —Tabita Rezaire

Secret Garden — Stephanie Dinkins

Almanak—Natasha Tontey

Eye-Planet (Long Live Trans-Pakistan) —Umber Majeed

Untitled—Pete Sharp

Obsology — Fragmentin

The mother of Internet — Botond Keresztesi

The Second Shift—Felicity Hammond

The Gut is a Second Brain —Ayatgali Tuleubek

HOMESCHOOL —Simone C. Niquille/Technoflesh

Overlooking/Overhearing: SSCI_180509_0930_Hart_216.mp4 —Abram Stern

Radicalization Pipeline — Theo Triantafyllidis Scammers — PWR

Only An Animal Would Say What It Really Means—Porpentine Charity Heartscape

LENNA — zzyw

Outsourcing paradise/parasite—eeeffff

Dysfunctional Magpie — Natalia Janula

Stay v2.0—Hasan Elahi

The Neural Yorker —Ilan Manouach & Yannis Siglidis

Wind Verification — Guo Cheng

Ashley Madison Angels at Work in Berlin —!Mediengruppe Bitnik

3D Printed Training Data—Adam Harvey

prototype0012: mechanical angel — 00Zhang


Oniric Ditto —Nina Muro

Bionic Nr.5 — Miró Ingmar Tiebe

Who is Baby—Alejandra Muñoz

TRÓPICO — Gabriel Massan


Agence—Pietro Gagliano

Evo’s Turn — Kumbirai Makumbe

Transformative Encounters —Eva Papamargariti

Datura—Kaley Flowers

Humans are from Earth, AI is from Our Humans —Omsk Social Club

Biographies p.501 — 532

The Auto Genetics of Writing Systems p.534