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Critical Zones, The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth

(edited by) Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel
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Mit Press
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Bruno Latour “Seven Objections Against Landing on Earth”

Editors: short intro
Dipesh Chakrabarty “When the Global Reveals the Planetary: Bruno Latour
Interviews Dipesh Chakrabarty”
Sonia Levy “For the Love of Corals: Life in the Ruins of the Museum”
Jan Zalasiewicz “The Anthropocene Square Meter”
Clémence Hallé & Anne-Sophie Milon “The Infinity of the Anthropocene: A (Hi)story with a Thousand Names”
Robert Boschmann “Climate Snap: At the Sign of the White Flower”
Karen Holmberg “Landing on the Terrestrial Volcano”
John Tresch “Around the Pluriverse in Eight Objects: Cosmograms for the Critical Zone”
Richard Powers “The Story So Far”

Editors: short intro
Pierre Charbonnier “‘Where is Your Freedom Now?’ How the Moderns Became Ubiquitous”
Paul Jobin “Extractivism in the Critical Zone”
Timothy Mitchell “Uber eats: How Capitalism Consumes the Future”
Steve Banwart “Domesticating Soil in Earth's Critical Zone”
Robert Boschmann “Uranium City Series on Abandonment, Two Field Trips”
Gerard de Vries “What on Earth Does Climate Have to Do With Law and
Liberty? Revisiting Montesquieus Theory of Climate”
Matthieu Duperrex “Landscape and Hybrid Sedimentology”
Stefanie Rau “Words for a Tongue We Are Losing”
Joseph Leo Koerner “Geognosy”

Editors: short intro
Jérôme Gaillardet “The Critical Zone, a Buffer Zone, the Human Habitat” Alexandra Arènes “Traveling through the Critical Zone”
Marie-Claire Pierret et al “The Strengbach Catchment Environmental Observatory: A Needful Key for a Global Investigation of the Critical Zone”
Susan Brantley “The Critical Zone Paradigm – A Personal View”
Daniel D. Richter & Sharon A. Billings “Ansichten der Calzone: Views of the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory”
William Dietrich “The Critical Zone Revelation – I Am in the Skin” Aleksandar Rankovic “A Stroll through the Critical Zone: Exploring the Agency of Trees, Soils, and Microbes in the Streets of Paris”
Simon Schaffer “Beware of Precursors: How Not to Trace the History of the Critical Zone”
Bruno Latour “Sara Sze as a Sculptor of Critical Zones”
Jeanne Etelain “This Planet Which Is Not One: On the Notion of Zone”

Editors: short intro
Timothy M. Lenton and Sébastien Dutreuil “What Exactly Is the Role of Gaia?”
Timothy M. Lenton and Sébastien Dutreuil “Distinguishing Gaia from the Earth System(s)”
Sébastien Dutreuil “Gaia Is Alive”
Bettina Korintenberg “Life in a Bubble: The Failure of Biosphere 2 as a Total System ”
Bettina Korintenberg “Tied Back to Urth: Biosphere 2 Revisited”
Pauline Goul “1610 Wood/cut: the Anthropocene, Uprooted’’
Alexander Schindler & Anne Schreiber “The Mechanical Discovery of Ultrastability”
Anuradha Mathur & Dilip da Cunha “Wetness Is Everywhere; Why Do We See Water Somewhere?”
Ali Gharib “The Star Trek Universe: An Idealized Humanity in Virtualized Space”
Siegfried Zielinski “The World as Organism and Machine: Jesuit Geophysics in the Early Modern Period”
Laura Walls “Recalling Humboldt’s Planet”

Editors: short intro
Isabelle Stengers “The Earth Won't Let Itself Be Watched”
Verónica Calvo Valenzuela “Tarabuco”
Sarah Vanuxem “Freedom through Easements”
Dorothea Condé & Pierre-Yves Condé “Turning Sovereignty Upside Down” Estelle Zhong Mengual “The Point of View of the Mountain”
Vinciane Despret “Inhabiting the Phonocene with Birds”
Johanna Ziebritzki “Sensorium of the Earthbound”
Hanna Jurisch “Museum of Natural History”
Emilie Hache “Born from Earth: A New Myth for Earthbounds”

Editors: short intro
Bruno Latour “‘We Don’t Seem to live on the Same Planet’ – A Fictional Planetarium”
Mira Hirtz “Embodied Constellation: Reflections on the Seven Planets Exercise”
Nikolaj Schultz “Life as Exodus”
Daniel Irrgang “Transhumanist Eschatology”
Simon Schaffer “On the Difficulty of Animating the Earth”
Yohji Suzuki “Fabian in 1621, A Divided Soul”
Emanuele Coccia “Nature Is Not Your Household”
Benedikte Zitouni “The Promises of the New Wetlands”
Nikolaj Schultz “New Climate, New Class Struggles”
Joseph Leo Koerner “Self-Portrait in Distress”
Bettina Korintenberg, Rachel Libeskind, Robert Preusse, Stefanie Rau
“Glossolalia: Tiding from Terrestrial Tongues”

Editors: short intro
Joseph Leo Koerner “Nature Painting”
Jennifer Gabrys “Sensing a Moving Planet”
Bronislaw Szerszynski “The Grammar of Action in the Critical Zone” Lena Reitschuster “Beyond Individuals Lynn Margulis and Her Holobiontic Worlds”
Olga Lukyanova “Depicting Holobiont”
Michael Flower “How to Visualize Cells as Overlapping Trajectories of Profiles”
Jonathan Gray “The Datafication of Forests? From the Wood Wide Web to the Internet of Trees’’
Anna D. Krzywoszynska “Soil Care Network: Caring for Soil as Building Relations”
Daria Mille “Trajectories of Modernization in Russia: Artists Recalibrating the Sensorium”
Pierre Wat “The Skin of the World”

Editors: short intro
Peter Weibel: “My Earth Odysseus”
Bettina Korintenberg & Martin Guinard “Observatories for Terrestrial Politics: Sensing the Critical Zones”
Bruno Latour & Ali Gharib “Neo Rauch’s Unknown Masterpiece”
Frédérique Aït-Touati “Arts of Inhabiting: Ancient and New Theaters of the World”
Donna Haraway “Carrier Bags for Critical Zones”