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The Drone Chronicles 2001–2016

(edited by) Joerg Bader – Rob van Leijsen
Publisher / Label
Spector Books OHG
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Table of Contents

Preface                                            5  (1)
          Joerg Bader
Introduction: I spy with my little eye             6  (2)
something that begins with the letter D
          Rob van Leijsen
    Involving drones in music; looking at          8  (2)
          Brice Pauset
    Running with your drone                        10 (4)
          Nicolas Nova
      Predator missile launch test totally         14 (1)
      Taliban claim to have downed US unmanned     15 (2)
      spy plane
      Sources: US kills Cole suspect               17 (1)
      Iraqi drones not for WMD (weapons of mass    18 (3)
      Drone school, a ground's-eye view            21 (2)
      High hopes for drone in LA skies             23 (3)
      Eye in the sky: police use drone to spy      26 (1)
      on V festival
      Killer drone's Iraq debut                    27 (1)
      Mysteries surround Afghanistan's stealth     28 (1)
      US now trains more drone operators than      29 (1)
      Drone makes first UK `arrest' as police      30 (1)
      catch car thief hiding under bushes
      President Obama's drone joke misses mark     31 (1)
      Taliban says US drone attacks                32 (1)
      `temporarily' hindering insurgency
      US building secret drone bases in Africa,    33 (1)
      Arabian Peninsula, officials say
      Using a phone to fly a drone                 34 (1)
      Iran shows off captured US drone             35 (2)
      Saving whales with drones                    37 (2)
      First man arrested with drone evidence       39 (2)
      vows to fight case
      UAV crash in Korea linked to GPS jamming
      Pakistan drone attack love song racks up     41 (2)
      YouTube hits
      Iran claims capture of US drone              43 (1)
      WWF plans to use drones to protect           44 (1)
      Ethiopia produces first military drone       45 (2)
      Drones should be banned from private use,    47 (2)
      says Google's Eric Schmidt
      Canadian police save a man's life, using     49 (1)
      a drone
      Delivery drones are coming: Jeff Bezos       49 (1)
      promises half-hour shipping with Amazon
      Prime Air
      UN launches spy drones to pressure rebels    50 (1)
      in Democratic Republic of Congo
      Jonathan unveils Nigerian-made drone         51 (9)
      Woman athlete suffers head injuries after    60 (1)
      `hackers took control of drone and made
      it crash'
      Pepper-spray drone offered to                61 (2)
      South-African mines for strike control
      Dutch artists turn boy's dead pet into       63 (1)
      Argentina uses drones to root out wealthy    63 (1)
      tax evaders
      Serbia vs Albania abandoned after players    64 (2)
      and fans brawl on pitch
      Ambulance drone delivers help to heart       66 (1)
      attack victims
      China unveils laser drone defence system     67 (1)
      French government on alert after             68 (2)
      unexplained drone flights over nuclear
      power stations
      Iran claims successful test flight of        70 (1)
      captured US drone replica
      Biodegradable drone is grown from            70 (2)
      mushrooms and covered in wasp spit
      Cruise missile-spotting balloon rises        72 (8)
      over Maryland
      Drone that crashed at White House was        80 (1)
      Dozen more drone sightings reported over     81 (1)
      Drones beaming web access are in the         82 (3)
      stars for Facebook
      Airmail via drones is vexing for prisons     85 (2)
      Drone `containing radiation' lands on        87 (1)
      roof of Japanese PM's office
      Warren Weinstein and the long drone war      88 (3)
      Protective dad uses drone to follow his      91 (1)
      daughter as she walks to school
      The age of drone vandalism begins with an    92 (1)
      epic NYC tag
      Re-Planting a forest, one drone at a time    93 (2)
      Enrique Iglesias injures hand grabbing       95 (1)
      drone during concert
      China uses drones to catch students          96 (1)
      cheating in exams
      As stress drives off drone operators, Air    97 (3)
      Force must cut flights
      Switzerland begins postal delivery by        100(1)
      Mexico drug trafficking: drone carries 28    101(1)
      pounds of heroin across border to US
      New boss on construction sites is a drone    102(2)
      Lord Norman Foster to build world's first    104(1)
      droneport in Rwanda
      Turkey downs drone near Syrian border;       105(2)
      Russia denies aircraft lost
      Archaeologists plan on using cosmic ray      107(1)
      muons to peer inside Egyptian pyramids
      Drone crashes onto piste, misses champion    108(10)
      skier by inches
      Drone swarms will change the face of         118(2)
      modern warfare
      Nearly 300,000 civilian drones registered    120(1)
      in US in 30 days
      Project Skybender: Google's secretive 5G     121(3)
      internet drone tests revealed
      Eagles vs drones: Dutch police eye birds     124(1)
      to prey on drones
      Drones could follow trails to find lost      124(1)
      Drones are being trialled to speed-up HIV    125(1)
      diagnosis in Africa
      British teen wins $250,000 in world's        126(1)
      biggest drone race
      The numbers behind the worldwide trade in    127(1)
      How airports and the drone industry are      128(2)
      teaming up to protect planes
      Cloud-seeding drone makes first flight       130(1)
      over Nevada
      Electric 18-rotor Volocopter makes first     131(1)
      manned flight
      Drone hits plane at Heathrow airport,        132(1)
      says pilot
      Drone delivers abortion pills to Northern    133(2)
      Irish women
      Iraqi militias are using consumer drones     135(3)
      to fight Isis
      Facebook's solar-powered internet plane      138(1)
      takes flight
      Swedish church to use drones to drop         138(2)
      Bibles on Isis territory in Iraq
      Agriculture drones are finally cleared       140(2)
      for takeoff
      Intel invented a way for a single            142(1)
      operator to fly hundreds of drones at once
      Man who used drone to deliver barbecue       143(1)
      sausage to friend in hot tub could be
      Boeing `Base Station' concept would          144(1)
      autonomously refuel military drones
      Snowboarding Santa Claus goes viral as he    145(13)
      shreds behind human-flying drone
      Abbreviations and terminology                158(2)
      Colophon                                     160