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Steve Goodman, Toby Heys, Eleni Ikoniadou
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Urbanomic / Art Editions
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Intra-AUDINT Email Communication---IREX2 to the Editors		ix	
Declassified Report to IIRIS: Excerpts from Report on The Research Unit AUDINT		xi	

Introduction: From Martial Hauntology to Xenosonics		1	

The Bodily Sounds of the Abyss, Olga Goriunova 7	
The Ear Phonautograph, Jonathan Sterne 11	
The Music of Skulls I: Bone-Instruments, Al Cameron 15
Peripheral Vibrations, Shelley Trower 19
Touching Nothing, Steve Goodman 23
The Cat Telephone, Jonathan Sterne 27	
The Pineal Ear, Brooker Buckingham 31	
DRNE Cartography, Steve Goodman 35

Screaming, Matthew Fuller 43
The Missing 19dB Lawrence, Abu Hamdan 47
Machine Sirens and Vocal Intelligence, Luciana Parisi 53
Falling, Eleni Ikoniadou 57
Glossolalia, Agnes Gayraud 61
Libraries of Voices, Shelley Trower 65
The HyperSonic Sound, System Toby Heys 69
The Lament, Eleni Ikoniadou 73

The Jodhpur Boom, Paul Purgas 79
The Bloop, S. Ayesha Hameed 83
Sound of the Abyss, Eugene Thacker 87	
The Hum, Kristen Gallerneaux 91	
Alligators of Your Mind, Dave Tompkins 95
Resonance, Erik Davis 101	
Dossier 37: Unidentified Vibrational Objects on the Plane Of Unbelief, Steve Goodman 105	
The Auditory Hallucination, The Occulture 109	

The Max Headroom Signal Intrusion, Kristen Gallerneaux 115
Keep Me in the Loop, Dave Tompkins 119	
The Music Of Skulls II: Osteography, Al Cameron 123
Backmasking, Toby Heys 127	
China and the Wireless Wave, Anna Greenspan 131	
2014: The Visual Microphone, Lendl Barcelos 135	
The Thing, Amy Ireland 137	
Large Hadron Collider: The Ultimate Underground Groove, Toby Heys 141	

Duppy Conquerors, Rolling Calves, and Flights to lion, Julian Henriques 147
Days of Wrath, Eugene Thacker 151
Revival, Agnes Gayraud 153
Holojax, Toby Heys 157
Digital Immortality, Julian Henriques 161	
Death by Euro, Steve Goodman 165	
Ancient to the Future, Steven Shaviro 169	
Rapparitions, Toby Heys 173	

The Solitary Practice of the Vanishing Concert Pianist, Tim Hecker179	
Ghost In The Machine: Hikikomori And Digital Dualism, Lisa Blanning 183	
A Brief Defence Of New Age Audio, Erik Davis 187	
Purgatory, Nicola Masciandaro 191	
VR of Void, Alina Popa 197	
Delusions of the Living Dead, Toby Heys 203	
Jupiter, S. Ayesha Hameed 211	
Sonic Specialities: Sketches for a Prolegomena to Any Future Xenosonics, Charlie Blake 215

Blood And Fire, Anthony Nine 221	
Archaeoacoustics, Paul Purgas 227	
Nimiia vibie Log, Jenna Sutela 229	
The Baton Of Diabolus,  235	
Nurlu, Amy Ireland 241	
They Echoic: Exquisite Corpse, Lee Gamble 245	
The Sonic Egregor, The Occulture 247	
Sorrow, Nicola Masciandaro 251	

A Sonic Autopsy of the Waco Siege, Toby Heys 255	
Ghost Army: The Deceit of the Battle DJ, Steve Goodman, Toby Heys, Eleni Ikoniadou 259
Shocks On The Body: The End of Life by Sound, Tim Hecker 265	
Wandering Soul / Ghost Tape No. 10, Steve Goodman, Toby Heys, Eleni Ikoniadou 269	
We Are The Gods Trapped In Cocoons': Neural Entrainment In Get Out, Kodwo Eshun 275	
Muzak And The Working Dead, Toby Heys 279	
The Animal Whose Ear It Is, Ramona Naddaff 285	
Pain ©Amp Economics, Toby Heys 289	

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