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FACTA #4 - Revista de Gambiologia

edited by Fred Paulino
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English, Portuguese
Publication year
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Indice / Index

Gambiarra em Movimento   4
The Gambiarra Movement Fred Paulino   12

As Artes e Ciencias da Gambiarra   24
The Arts and Science of Gambiarra   31

Solucionatica Brasileira   34
Brazilian Soluctionactic Rui Cezar dos Santos   44

Critical Making Gambiologia que vem norte...48
Critical Making Gambiologia that Comes from the North   54

Desobediencia Tecnologica   56
Technological Disobedience Ernesto Oroza   63

Coincidencias Industriais   66
Industrial Coincidences Guto Lacaz   68

Do Hobista do Século XX ao Maker do Século XXI
From the hobbist of the 20th Century to the Maker of the 21st Century   77

Tupi and not Tupi   80
Tupi and not Tupi   Entevista com Laymert Garcia dos Santos   86

Somos Todos Pardal   89
We are all Gearlooses   96

Tatuagens e Gambiarras   98
Tatoos and Gambiarra   Taion Almeida   105

Tapp e a Potencia das Imagens Precarias   108
Tapp and the Potentiality of the Precarious Images 
Azucena Losana e Carolina Andreetti   113

Cuidados Paliativos   115
Palliative Care Liliana Gil   118

Em Busca da Gambiarra Perfeita   119
In Search of the Perfect Gambiarra Maira Begalli   122

Gambiarras Literarias   129
Literary Gambiarras Jacques Fux   134

Gambareira   137
Gambidust Felipe Efeefe Fonseca   140