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Media Theory in Japan

edited by Marc Steinberg, Alexander Zahlten
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Duke University Press
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Acknowledgments  ix
Preface / Akira Mizuta Lippit  xi
Introduction / Marc Steinberg and Alexander Zahlten  1
Part I. Communication Technologies
1. From Film to Television: Early Theories of Television in Japan / Aaron Gerow  33
2. Architecture as Atmospheric Media: Tange Lab and Cybernetics / Yuriko Furuhata  52
3. The Media Theory and Media Strategy of Azuma Hiroki, 1997-2003 / Takeshi Kadobayashi  80
4. The InterCommunication Project: Theorizing Media in Japan's Last Decades / Marilyn Ivy  101
Part II. Practical Theory
5. McLuhan as Prescription Drug: Actionable Theory and Advertising Industries / Marc Steinberg  131
6. The Culture Industries and Media Theory in Japan / Miryam Sas  151
7. Girlscape: The Marketing of Mediatic Ambience in Japan / Tomiko Yoda  173
8. 1980s "Nyu Aca": (Non)Media Theory as Romantic Performance / Alexander Zahlten  200
9. Critical Media Imagination: Nancy Seki's TV Criticism and the Media Space of the 1980s and 1990s / Ryoki Misono  221
10. At the Source (Code): Obscenity and Modularity in Rokudenashiko's Media Activism / Anne McKnight  250
Part III. Mediation and Media Theory
11. An Assault on "Meaning": On Nakai Masakazu's Concept of "Mediation" / Akihiro Kitada  285
12. Much Ado about "Nothing": The Kyoto School as "Media Philosophy" / Fabian Schäfer 305
13. Kobayashi Hideo and the Question of Media / Keisuke Kitano  328
14. Media, Mediation, and Crisis: A History—and the Case for Media Studies as (Postcultural) Anthropology / Tom Looser  347
Afterword. The Disjunctive Kernel of Japanese Media Theory / Mark N. B. Hansen  368
Bibliography  389
Contributors  413
Index  417