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Culture Jamming, Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance

edited by Marilyn DeLaure and Moritz Fink
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NYU Press
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     Foreword   xi
     Mark Dery   
     Acknowledgments   xvii
Introduction   1
     Marilyn DeLaure and Moritz Fink

Part I. Definitions and Debates
  1. Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing, and Sniping in the 
     Empire of Signs   39
     Mark Dery
  2. Pranking Rhetoric: “Culture Jamming” as Media Activism   62
     Christine Harold
  3. The Faker as Producer: The Politics of Fabrication and the 
     Three Orders of the Fake   91
     Marco Deseriis
  4. Putting the “Jamming” into Culture Jamming: Theory, 
     Praxis, and Cultural Production during the Arab Spring   113
     Mark LeVine
  5. From Culture Jamming to Cultural Acupuncture   133
     Henry Jenkins

Part II. Critical Case Studies

  6. Radical Scavenging Revisited: Emile de Antonio and the 
     Culture Jamming of Compilation Film   161
     Christof Decker
  7. Never Mind the Bollocks: Shepard Fairey’s Fight for 
     Appropriation, Fair Use, and Free Culture   179
     Evelyn McDonnell
  8. Facing: Image and Politics in JR’s Global Street Art 
     (2004– 2012)   201
     Michael LeVan
  9. Answering Back! Banksy’s Street Art and the Power 
     Relations of Public Space   218
     Benedikt Feiten
 10. Co-Opting the Culture Jammers: The Guerrilla Marketing 
     of Crispin Porter + Bogusky   237
     Michael Serazio
 11. Culture Jamming in Prime Time: The Simpsons and the 
     Tradition of Corporate Satire   254
     Moritz Fink
 12. The Poetics of Ruptural Performance   280
     Tony Perucci
 13. Turning Tricks: Culture Jamming and the Flash Mob   300
   Rebecca Walker
 14. Memes, Movements, and Meteorology: Occupy Wall Street 
     and New Mutations in Culture Jamming   322
     Jack Bratich
 15. Jamming the Simulacrum: On Drones, Virtual Reality, and 
     Real Wars   348
     Wazhmah Osman
 16. Balaclavas and Putin: Pussy Riot, Carnivalesque Protest, 
     and Political Culture Jamming in Russia   365
     Anna Baranchuk

Part III. Culture Jammers’ Studio

 17. The Day I Killed Freedom of Expression   393
     Kembrew McLeod
 18. Notes on the Economic Unconscious from a Billionaire 
     for Bush   402
     Andrew Boyd
 19. Artwork and Commentary   405
     The Guerrilla Girls

 20. Using the Web to Organize and Promote 
     Alternative Behaviors   410
     xtine burrough
 21. The Yes Men: An Interview   418
     Marilyn DeLaure
 22. Networked Reality Flow Hacks   423
     Paolo Cirio
 23. IOCOSE: Art, Authority, and Culture Jamming   427
     Paolo Ruffino, Matteo Cremonesi, Filippo Cuttica, and 
     Davide Prati (IOCOSE)
 24.  “Say Yes”: An Interview with Reverend Billy and Savitri D   433
     Marilyn DeLaure

About the Contributors   441
Index   449