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Artbyte - The Magazine of Digital Arts & Culture - Wired Women

Gabriella Fanning
Publisher / Label
Artbyte Magazine Inc.
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Vol.3 No.2
Number of pages


July-August 00

12 CELEBRITY PORTAL: Yoko Ono imagines summer

14 MEME CULTURE: Leslie Savan asks whassup with "whassuuuuup?"

16 IN YOUR DREAMS: Paul D. Miller on Wave Twisters, DJ QBert's mind-twisting new hip hop cartoon


18 FRINGE RESEARCH: Do android anchorbabes dream of electric sheep? Steven Shaviro wonders about Ananova, the virtual newscaster

22 KUT KULTURE: Paul D. Miller on the digital détour: Freud's uncanny meets Transarchitectiires


Wired Women

26 On the Eve of the Future: Artbyte’s secret history of women and technology

32 Braingirlitude: Alissa Quart on Web animator Marina Zurkow

36 Gender Changer: Four female artists talk with Jon Ippolito about being digital women in a man's art world

40 Unauthorized Access: Cornelia Sollfrank's hunt for the mythical female hacker

Summer Books

46 Killing Time: Mark Dery on speed culture

50 Required Reading: Bruce Sterling, Sadie Plant, Malcolm Glad well, and 13 other digital taste-makers recommend their favorite beach books

54	Let's Get Lost: Mark Amerika on the new hyperfiction

55	Shooting From the Hip: Pia Presha strips the hype off Natacha Merritt's Digital Diaries

56	"Detected": Original SF from Afrofuturist pioneer Ishmael Reed

61 Artbyte Special Project: Architect Lebbeus Woods on war and the architecture of wounds


65 STYLE: Artist Emiko Kasahara on Japanese street style as extreme sport; photos by Derek Root

70 SHOWS: Sarah Bayliss on Barbara London's virtual tour of the Japanese art world

72 SHOWS: Tom Vanderbilt on the Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial

76 BOOKS: Erik Davis on Sadie Plant's Writing on Drugs

78 BOOKS: McKenzie Wark on Aki Mizuta Lippit's Electric Animal

80	SOUND: Beth Coleman on Anti-Pop Consortium

81	SOUND: William Tell on Chicks on Speed

82	SOUND: Matthew Collin on Better Living Through Circuitry, Jon Reiss' documentary on rave culture

86 SCREEN: Steve Rittler on the latest in Japanimation

88 WWW: ®™ark on women's place in the New World Order

90 COOL SCHOOLS: Growgrams, Warbos, and Halos from the students at M.l.T.'s Media Lab

94 WARES: Howard Goldkrand confesses his handheld habit: electronic games and PDAs

96 EXIT STRATEGY: Daniel K. Raeburn on cartoonist Chris Ware's "Tales of Tomorrow"