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Boing Boing #10

Publisher / Label
P.A.L. Studio City
Publication year
Type of publication
Issue number
Number of pages


Sex Candy For Happy Mutants! 
A Real Man Fiction by Bill Eakin  10 
Bottled Libido: Aphrodisiacs Mark Frauenfelder and Paco Xander Nathan 14 
Virtual Sex Jon Lebkowsky and Barry Atkinson 16 
Holy Whores! Dianne Rose Hat(wo)mann 20 
Future Sex Review Carla Sinclair 23 
Confessions of a PC Porn Fanatic Gareth Branwyn 24 
My Lil' Sex Robot: Vibrator Revieiew Darby and Kerin 29 
Femme's Fast-Forward Festival Gareth Branwyn 35 
Skid Row Crackheads Get Horny Too Barry Atkinson 35 
Tuppy Owens: My Favorite Sex Maniac Gareth Branwyn and Mark Frauenfelder 53 
Eros Comics Gareth Branwyn 61 
Welcome Mark Frauenfelder 2 
bOUNCING bACK: Letters to the Editor 3 
Notices 4 
Neurotica 6 
Prank!Carla Sinclair cranks Alcor 7 
Too Much Coffee Man Shannon Wheeler 8 
Fiction That Bleeds Truth Jon Lebkowsky 13 
Way Off the Newsstand 36 
Ask Dr. Sergic Larry Sergic, M.D. and Paco Xander Nathan 38 
ZIP.2 Rudy Rucker 54 
Neoluddite Computer Solution Peter Sugarman 59 
Classified Ads 62 
The Best of Factsheet Five Electric Jerod Pore 63 
TImewave Zero Paco Xander Nathan 34 
Videos 41
Looks at Books 42 
Catalogs 45  
Comix 46 
Zines 48 
Music 60 
Peter Stafford Thomas Lyttle 11 
Brenda Laurel Spiros Antoonopulos and Andrea Barnett 12 
Marc Laidlaw Rudy Rucker 30 
Terence McKenna Carla Sinclair 32 
Lords of Acid Gareth Branwyn 56