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Boing Boing #14

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P.A.L. Studio City
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12 I'll Say Anything by David Pescovitz                           
Sheri was a relay agent for deaf telephone 
callers. Whatever callers typed, she had to say, with feeling.
18 Guide to Free Stuff by El Jefe
How to build an impressive library and 
annoy jerks at the same time.
21 I'm Waisted! by Jessica Wing
Jessica loves her corset because it makes her 
look like an anatomical impossibility. 
22 The Best of the Breast! Russ Meyer's 
Vixen Interview by Matt Maranian 
Haji and Kitten talk about being the stars of 
movies made by one of America's most  
extraordinary directors. 
28 Dead Media by Bruce Sterling 
Bruce Sterling is too busy to write this book. 
He wants you to write it instead.  
34 Sui Sui Badass by Mary Elizabeth Williams
Ever wonder who designed the outfits for Josie & the Pussycats? 
36 Let's Talk Lesbian Bondage: Clive
Barker Interview by Marisa Golini 
"It worries the fuck out of me that there's so 
 many people around proscribing for us 
and telling us what's good for our minds  
and what isn't." 
38 Get in the Car! by Marc Laidlaw
William Gibson's screenwriter hangs out 
with Hollywood bigshots and lives to tell 
about it. 
41 Temporary lnsanity by Heidi Pollock
Making the rest of the human herd believe  
you're one of them isn't as easy as it looks.
A survival guide for the renegade temp worker.
44 Living Dolls: A Journey to the Center of
a Barbi by Matt Maranian 
The pinup calendar queens have a diet tip 
for you: stock up on Comet cleanser.
55 The Lighter Side of Panic by Shawn Wolfe 
Necessity is the mother of futile dodges. 

2 Welcome! 
4 Notices by Gossip Girl 
5 Neurotica by Ward Parkway
7 Spam and Tongue of Frog 
8 Brain Candy by Mark 
14 Going Gaga by Gareth 
15 Zip.6 Rudy Rucker 
31 Jokey by Marck White 
32 Schwa Comics by Bill Barker 
49 Media Freak 
56 Audible Signals 
64 Classified Ads